Welcome to the Disaster

...or, as I call it, my bedroom. There are no before pictures, because I don't think anyone wants to see them.

First up, handling the shoes that had been starting to spill off the edges of my shoe racks. Solution? Pretty-ify a shoe box and stick it to the wall, stuff flats in. Hopefully I'll find a sturdier solution later, but for now, I'm not handling an avalanche of shoes.

Then, handling jewelry for each day (since I'm, y'know, trying to wear it). I tacked an old jewelry box to the wall (jee, I like these things...) to dump it in.

My next task included cleaning the area around and under my couch and work table, during which I rediscovered several magazines and an old binder taken from the trash at my mom's old job (who throws out a perfectly good enormous binder like this?? WHO?). Rediscovering old drawings of mine was fun, but the slightly over-sized untouched paper within sparked the idea of gluing on pictures of inspiration to me. From those magazines, of course. (I also discovered my new long-haired favorite. Jane Seymour is amazingly gorgeous!)

And some weird folding produced a paper clutch-thing? I have NO clue what to do with it. But I did glue a lock shaped button onto it. I'll...figure something out.

And more things're going to get finished up too, soon. ;)


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