DIY: Ribbon-bordered whiteboard

In the process of making my room fit for human habitation cleaning, I came across this little white board, buried under a few binders (math and english, to be specific). The rubber border around it had made it fall off the hooks it was attached to, because they made it too heavy. The cardboard backing didn't help either.'s kinda ugly too, to be honest. So I thought, Hey, I have a ton of might be kinda cool to put a lighter border on this so I can actually use it and have it stay put... So I did. And even if your whiteboard/dry erase board isn't having problems staying up, it's kind of a cute idea. (And yes, I did add some stuff to the plain white parts of the image - if you click on it, you can see that quite clearly).

  1. Punch some holes in that sucker! Two is best for tying, of course, and with the width of the board, it also works with a holepunch.
  2. To create this, I used a little bit of blue yarn from this skein, three feet of this green ribbon, tacky glue, and scissors.
  3. Measure and cut into four pieces. Yes, one will be shorter than the others. It's kind of necessary, actually, so it can work with the holes.
  4. See? All snipped up.
  5. If you haven't already, if it's dirty, clean that sucker up. Mine hates the marker that came with (note to self, start using actual expos...), and I didn't have any dry erase spray, so I just wiped it off with Windex. I think it may be cleaner than it was when I bought it, actually.
  6. Cut off a little bit of the yarn, and tie both ends through the holes. And that little tiny leftover piece? Tie it up and up as far as you can, then clip off the ends still sticking out.
  7. Glue the first piece down to one side with tacky glue. Be pretty careful.
  8. Then the second. And the third.
  9. Put the first in between your two holes. Measure the length between the actual holes, than, from one end of the piece of ribbon, check it, then cut where that ends.
  10. You should have two pieces now. Glue the bigger in between the two holes.
  11. Measure the remaining pieces to be covered, then check that on the remaining piece of ribbon. In my case, it was equal to two squares each of the ribbon, so I snipped it in half. And then glue.
  12. Okay, the board has rounded edges, but the ribbon does not. Fix that by snipping them to a rounded shape.
  13. Hang, and enjoy the new looking whiteboard.

I really like it now. =D Glad I had that ribbon laying around. I used to use it as a headband, but ribbon headbands are terrible to try keeping on. I also have a ton of yarn, including that skein, on rulers, that I got from a workshop on textiles.


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