I'm Out of Here!

...but only for this week. I'll be back next Monday - April 2nd, my friends. This week is being spent in a frenzy of homework and packing and rehearsals, all for ISAS, the fine arts festival my school goes to every year. So I have to figure out outfits, squeeze in my costume from Little Shop of Horrors and my choir uniform. At least I already have a show appropriate manicure... ;) Neon green sound good for a show about (spoiler) being eaten by a giant plant?

Anyhow, next week will include a flurry of updates, because, you know, I pretty much only ever get outfits, nails, and pinterest faves up. Sigh. I should probably actually learn how to really blog someday... Oh well.

See you next month!

ps: I will still be on pinterest, unless we don't have internet at Greenhill, the host school this year...

Hunger Games Premier!


okay, okay. I'll breathe! I'm just SO excited for this! I've never squealed while buying tickets for a movie before, but I did for this. I think it's mostly because I'm going to the midnight premier! But still! Excited!

I'm dressing up, like approximately almost every fan attending, so I picked Foxface, for the red hair.

Jacket - thrifted | Shirt - Bui Yah Kah | Pants - Windsor | Boots - Wet Seal | Belt - I dunno...


I may have gotten a bit into character for shooting this... Also, get a load of our white sky. What's up with that, Texas? Usually your sky is so blue it's blinding, then it's so...bleh whenever I want to take pictures outdoors. Oh well - I'm crazy excited for this movie! One more hour till I go to the theater to make sure I've got the tickets and stuff! I'll stop the gratuitous abuse of the exclamation point later!

(And yes, I know the pants aren't the right color, ah well... I don't own anything khaki, and I'm seven inches shorter than the next-shortest person in the house...)

Okay, now, I'm going to go take a deep breath and continue doing things.

Share any premier outfits, guys!

Escape Key, and My Bracelets

Last semester, my friend Betsy began work on her Girl Scout Gold Award project. I expected she'd do something related to making stuff for the school or something - so sue me, I didn't get past Junior in Girl Scouts - since that's what all the Boy Scouts do for their Eagle Projects. Instead, she started bringing an enormous jar of beads and plastic "string" (I don't know what to call it...) to school, and making bracelets. Two colors per bracelet, and then, in the middle, she'd just pop in a random one in a third color, and continued. What she said then, when I asked, and now, on her website, Escape Key, is that:

"The bracelets are more than just a bunch of cute colors. The two contradictory colors show that even the smallest differences are what make our own colors shine brighter. The blue bead cannot help that it is a different color and cannot change itself. It breaks the pattern. 
Without the odd bead, the world would be an endless, boring, binary pattern."

Now, not every bracelet has a blue bead as its different color - one of mine has an orange bead as its unique one - but most of them do. Betsy's bracelets really took off at our high school - I think every student and faculty member has at least one by now, and I think she's promoted them a bit at our lower school and middle school. It's a cool project, not for the subject matter - bullying sucks, and there are loads of campaigns against it - but for the way she has chosen to handle the subject itself.

While the bracelets aren't really available over the internet, on her bracelets page she has a video demonstrating how to make them, and what with. They're cheap, easy to make and explain, and generally a good thing.

"I'll Cook Like Betty Crocker/ And Look Like Donna Rees"

The dress you are about to see makes my brain go straight to this line from Somewhere Green in Little Shop of Horrors. It also makes my brain head towards Mad Men (even though I've never watched it), but that one makes more sense than the LSoH association. Ah well, the point is, it's a cool dress, and I'm totally in love with it. It's from a recent little mall haul, where I finally got some things I'd been craving. This is easily my favorite piece of the haul, though. It's all fun and floaty and gorgeous.

See it after the jump!

Manicure and Music Monday

Alright, so I did finally get that black and red glitter mix off my nails, and I traded it in for something so unlike the typical "me" (keep in mind that I spent most of my life hating girly stuff, and that even in heels and a dress, I'm still a bit of a tomboy) that my mother did a double take when she noticed it. What is this color?

(Seriously, I'm surprised I'm willingly wearing it...)

Fantabulously Pinteresting~

Ah, it's good to be blogging again. I know things are going to get hectic again soon, since graduation party invites are beginning to come in, and exams are coming up. I got my acceptance to Case Western Reserve a few days ago, and they mentioned, in the letter, that they liked hearing about my passion for fashion and blogging, which was awesome! (And if any of them happen to be reading this, HI!) Anyhow, up for my favorite pins of the week? Let's go, then!

These are from the lemlem line, which is run by Liya Kebede, in an effort to help keep traditional weaving alive in her native Ethiopia. Everything in her line is gorgeous, as is she. One of the things I love Refinery 29 for is that they cover women like her on a frequent basis. How many people would have a bad opinion of people in fashion if they saw Liya Kebede's on a daily basis rather than Karl Lagerfeld's? I guarantee you the positive feelings about fashion would be a LOT higher. And maybe what's in fashion would get classier.

See the rest after the jump!

I've Always Been a Book Girl

Last weekend, I spent five hours waiting to get my dependent ID (aka the thing that entitles me to military insurance, thanks to my mom serving) renewed. That entire time was spent reading books I love, and at some point, it occurred to me that I hadn't had the chance to read for fun in a long time. I'm not joking - I've only managed to read one "new" book series this year - the Hunger Games. I'm just always so incredibly busy that I barely have time to breathe, it feels like.

So, after the jump, here are some of the books I want to read, and am going to try to hunt down! (Also, yes, I actually have discovered how to do jumps now! Only took a year...)

Don't Forget

Titles like this happen when I pull out my Carrie Underwood CD and get into writing while singing along loudly... I seem to be listening to more and more country music as graduation, and thus, leaving Texas for college, gets closer. For all my multitude of complaining over the years about how much I hate it here, it seems that, in the end, I do love Texas.

Speaking of the whole graduation thing, I believe I owe a post on my Senior Party outfit. We had the "S Party" as our theme, so everyone had to come dressed as stuff starting with "S". A lot of surgeons and "Safai" people, big surprise, as well as quite a few smurfs, sunflowers, swimmers, and even one Sting Ray. (She was the most creative costume of the night, honestly...) I was one of the unique ones, because I came as a Scorpio - aka my astrological sign. I actually put a bit of thought into the outfit. Scorpios are supposed to be dark and mysterious, passionate and odd, and I wanted to convey that somehow. I looked up Scorpio colors - red, black, purple, gold - and gemstones - opal being on the list was a cool surprise for me, actually, and brainstormed on how to bring out their 'cool' reputation in an outfit. Oh, and I used fabric paint on a shirt of mine, though you may not be able to see the symbol in the pictures. Should've taken them before it got dark...

Vest - thrifted | Shirt - F21 + DIY | Skirt - JWU for Target | Shoes/clutch - F21 | Ring/red bracelet - F21

I wound up not actually staying at the party for more than an hour - seems like everyone not in my group of friends showed up drunk and they were all dropping. We got sick of it after an ambulance had to come for a girl, and went off to Braums for ice cream.

Of course, I've worn my JWu for Target skirt more than just to the senior party... Want some more pictures?

Blazer/long necklace - thrifted | Tights/shoes - F21 | Purse - R21 | Shirt - Kohl's

What's your opinion on all Target's designer collabs? And who's coming up next!? I can't remember at all, but  I really want to know if it's worth getting excited about or not. (ex; JWu was worth the excitement, Missoni was not).

Stars Will Fall

My prom dress, people. $297, and I wish I could wear it every day. I seem to have a thing for asymmetrical dresses this year... Also, why do I feel like I've seen this dress before?


I do plan to wear those shoes with it. Not sure about hair, makeup, or jewelry yet, but that's why I've got the dress over a month in advance, isn't it? (The downside of having it a month in advance is that I want to wear it everywhere...)

Feel free to give me any help with what to do with the hair/makeup/jewelry to go with this!
Next up on my shopping list? Graduation dress! (Well, actually, I also have in mind acquiring some good casual dresses, since the dog got into my laundry and destroyed this floral dress... Real nice, puppy...) Basically, dresses are in my future in a serious way.

Subtle Shine

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

This manicure I've got on is literally three weeks old, and I still can't bring myself to get rid of it. It's just so pretty.

Zoya Raven.

F21 Red. (It's a glitter topcoat...)
It's hard to see in the pictures (and in real life, apparently...) but the red absolutely sparkles on top of the red under the right lighting conditions, and it makes me happily squeal inside whenever I look at it. I suppose I'll finally make myself change it sometime this week...but only because I got some new nail polish that looks really pretty.

Life, Quit Interfering

I think it should be impossible to reach the level of exhaustion that I have attained. I don't think I can sleep enough to regain energy, but who knows - we'll see if I manage it over spring break (next week! So close I can barely stand it!). This marks my third week in an unintended hiatus. I have the energy to do some stuff online, but not the energy to write interesting posts, look at clothing as anything beyond "Can I sleep in it?"

The musical went well, and we're gearing up to start another round of rehearsals for doing it again at ISAS. I went to the cast party last night, and we saw the film made out of our performances. It was really great, and we probably scared the host's neighbors with our screaming when our Seymour and Audrey kissed on the screen. (You know how people sound when their team wins the Super Bowl? That was us when those two kissed!) We also scared her parents by having a giant sing-along to the film, and playing Hide and Seek across their house. I fell asleep behind their hot tub and was the last one found. xD It was a lot of fun (especially the sleeping part...) and I'm glad we waited a few weeks for it, so we all had some time to recover. Hopefully, getting around to swapping all my winter and fall stuff out for spring and summer stuff will rejuvenate my brain a bit - along with a lot of sleep, of course. I'm not sure if next week will be a fourth week of non-posting, or if it'll just be partial. Right now, I'm leaning towards partial.

How have you been the past few weeks?