I Have NO Self-Control

So, remember how I wasn't going to be shopping during the thirty day challenge? Yeah. Making that decision in the middle of summer with everyone having sales was not the smartest or sanest thing I've ever done. Especially not with the fact I seem to wind up at the mall a lot...

At least some of the items will be used a lot...

First thing I found was at The Limited. This sweater was, at one point, $59.90. I got it for, with tax, $7.56. And it's super comfy and seems like it'll be good not only for cold weather, but also for warm weather. It's wonderfully soft, too.

Then, from Gap, tights and socks. Those socks are going to be the kind of thing I wear to annoy the people in charge of our school's dress code, because they can't make me get rid of them because we have no rules on socks, but that they hate because they're expressive and not just black/navy/white. Yeah, I hate my school's dress code. Skirts have to be four inches above the knee - I mean, really!


Then I hit up Body Central (I had never heard of them before this trip, actually) and found a purse/clutch/thing and a lovely floral skirt.

Look at how it folds and stuff! I am in love! And the skirt and purse were each $6.99...LOVE.

Then there was the visit to Image, which evidently lacks a website... I came out with a pair of shoes I have been hunting for for a while.

Espradilles! I think my mom thinks they look like old lady shoes, but hey, if they're old lady shoes, being an old lady involves really comfy shoes. :>

Then there was Earthbound, of course, where I found a gorgeous fan for my collection (I have a fan addiction guys; not as serious as my shoe addiction - yet), and got a little bracelet.

Bath and Body Works had a sale going, so I stopped by to see what was left - it'd been on for quite a while. All I could get was a lip gloss I liked the sound of (my mother is allergic to anything scented, so no perfumes or scented anything :< ).

Sugared Macaroon. Yum.

And last, Rue21 still has their sales going. No, I did not buy any more shoes (I thought about it...) I just got a watch (trust me, I needed another besides my purple one...that one kind of annoys me, sadly), and a Sheen-inspired bracelet. "Powered by Tiger's Blood". It's my third favorite weird quote from the guy.

sigh. Anyone have willpower tips? Besides just avoiding the mall?


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