Best Thrift Finds

That I've ever found, that is. XD I used to do a ton of thrifting as a kid, every time I went up to Minnesota, where my aunt used to live. Sadly, we aren't speaking any longer, but I learned a lot about actual thrifting as a kid, and I've started to apply it again. Turns out my dad is more amenable to driving me to thrift stores in the area now that he knows they have soda machines.

Since I'm running short on time all of a sudden, I needed something quick I could post about, too, so this sprang to mind. Hopefully next week I can get to some more time consuming things AND get them up on time. Fingers crossed, right?

I found this back in my thrifting-with-the-aunt days. Worn in my baseball-going outfit. It's very long, and features a compass. Which actually works. It also happens to be in amazing condition. Definitely one of my fave pieces of jewelry.

This little geisha music box is adorable, and the song it plays is gorgeous. I keep it on one of the bookshelves near my bed, on the same shelf as a red lupe plushie (also thrifted) and a unicorn. It is damaged, as you can see, but that doesn't matter much to me. I just don't let our cats anywhere near it.

I collect Lucky Kitties. At present, I have this little garage sale find, an enormous one from the Hong Kong Supermarket that is ages away from my house ( :< ) but actually sells the legit ingredients and stuff for making Asian food (and fish heads with the eyes still in - very cool to look at, not necessarily something I want to try), three my aforementioned aunt gave me when I started collecting them, one I bought recently, and another in poster form. I will no doubt accumulate more.

A very recent find, and one of the few clothing pieces I have bought. It's a little jumper-dress thing, and has these neat silver stripes down it. Almost used it in my BDIB challenge, then remembered the skirt suit and didn't. It has pockets too, which are great for storing things - they're HUGE - and a red lining. The only downside is that the band at the top is a bit too tight at my chest. But that will, with any luck, go away if I lose some weight, and thus, some of my chestiness. (Do not complain about your chest size, girls. It hurts to have it big!)

THIS VASE. Found at the same time as the above dress-thing, it has lovely grecian-y painting, and it's blue, and the exact right size for some fake flowers I have. And it was a dollar. The Goodwill near my house (with the soda machines) has an epic vase section - I replaced a blue vase our house guest broke with one from there, and my mother liked it better than the original - so I think I know what I'll be hunting for again soon. I especially love how the vases are only around a dollar - this was less. And other than a tiny bit of staining, it's quite pristine.

Any finds you simply adore that you've found trawling garage sales and thrift stores and the like? I'd love to see!


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