30 for 30 Challenge: Day Five, plus a really odd skirt

Today I got a package in the mail from one of my aunts to reveal:
a note, and a college guide for B students. Yay...

and the most bizarre skirt I've ever laid eyes on. Apparently it's 'Ben Sherman'. I don't know where my aunt found it, but man is this skirt busy. And it doesn't look like anything I've found online by Ben Sherman.

Shirt - senior party (thrown on because my VBS shirt is in the wash) | Skirt - Ben Sherman, via aunt | Flats - Payless

...ignoring the fact that I look awful in all these pictures... Is this not a weird skirt? Does anyone like it? Or is anyone able to think of anything I could do with it? Cuz I need ideas!

And this is my non-VBS attire for the day!
Jacket - thrifted | Maxi - Forever 21 | Flats - thrifted

This is called 'my entire body hurts and I don't want to be putting much effort into this, though I still have to look fancy-ish since I'm going out tonight. Not to mention, I don't want people to be staring at the now many cuts and bruises on my legs and arms. M and I having to see them is bad enough. (Account is now something like twenty bug bites, seven large cuts, and nine bruises - most from being up in a castle with puppets for close to five hours the past three days, one from my cat, and a few others from being distracted and walking into a wall. But we really do need to cover up the open wood in the castle). Though, somehow, M has none. I'm pretty sure anyone seeing me up close right now would think I was being abused. xD; "ARE YOU BEING ABUSED?" "...no. I'm just horribly clumsy, my blood is catnip for bugs, the wood I spend a ton of time on is very splintery, and my cats can't retract their claws..." But I digress. XD


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