SAG Awards: Best Dressed

I sincerely meant to do this yesterday, before everything horrible happened with my darling. As it is, I still feel terrible, but... I'm not exactly going to feel any better by continuing to sob my eyes out. Anyhow, here are my top two "Best Dressed" from the SAG Awards. I won't do a "Worst Dressed", not now, not ever, because it feels extremely petty to pick on something like that. I'd rather celebrate the good than dwell on the bad.

Viola Davis is definitely my number one! This white Marchesa gown is absolutely gorgeous on her, and the detail up top is super lovely, especially with the asymmetry going on with it.

Ariel Winter is such a stylish girl! I've absolutely adored her since the first time I saw her picture (seriously, I don't watch Modern Family - it sounds great, but I'm not much of a TV girl (a discussion for another time)). Point blank, she's super cute, is her clothing. I know, I hate this length of skirt/dress. But Ariel pulls it off, somehow, and looks absolutely great. This Collette Dinnigan dress looks like it'd be hard for most people, but seriously, she killed it. (ps; Can I have her as my little sister for a day?)

Who were your favorites at the SAG Awards?
(Pictures via Yahoo!)


You know the feeling of finding out a pet you adore has X disease and they're not gonna make it? Well, then, you know what my Monday has felt like. My ten-year-old cat, Courage, who I've had and adored practically forever, has leukemia. And apparently transfusions might not even help her to make it any longer.

It's just...horrible. We almost lost her brother Crookshanks earlier this year, and then, back in April of 2010, we lost a stray we took in that we called Lady. It's so hard knowing that your pets are mortal, that you'll outlast them, and yet, they're like your children, and it feels like they should last forever.

I just... I really don't have anything I can say about anything else right now. Sorry.

We wound up having to put her down. I think this is the first time I haven't been crying in the past two hours.

Fabulously Pinteresting

I'm making one little change to my Friday posts of my favorite pins. Instead of doing one from each board, I'm just going to do my overall favorite. I really have far too many pin boards to do one from each board and still keep up with everything! You'll still get a sizable amount of my faves, just not one per board. Enjoy!

Such a useful tutorial! I have a pair of VERY well-used shoes in need of this sort of TLC.

I'm so loving this maxi skirt! Yes, I'm still on the maxi boat. In my opinion, midi skirts are very rarely flattering on a woman, especially a short one. They make you look even shorter, and that doesn't help anything.

Wouldn't biking like this be kind of cool? And uncomfortable?

So true! More people need to believe this of themselves.

I spent a healthy amount of time giggling at this, of course.

I love anything with the princesses in modern fashion! I totally want Anastasia and Aurora's outfits here. Oh, and Rapunzel's shoes. Those sandals are perfection.

I feel like something like this might just wind up as my new facebook profile picture, don't you? Jump shots are always cool...

THIS IS TRUTH. Seriously, how did people not learn from the past? Especially after Napoleon!

Burgundy St, Madrid, Spain. This is part of the reason I'm wishing I could just have a year with nothing to do but explore Madrid. I really wish I could just have eons in which to explore every corner of our planet, and see everything, meet everyone, do everything.

What can I say about this without bursting into tears? It's perfectly executed in every sense of the word. I could watch it for hours, and I do listen to it on end. Each instant is dead on for the words. And the song itself is perfect for the series - a simultaneously uplifting and heartbreakingly beautiful piece of music.

What are your favorites from the week? Do share, especially any music!


Finally, I'm starting to wear that chambray shirt of mine more often. Heck, I've worn it twice in the past week!

First, on Sunday, I wore it with my wonderful new thigh high boots (which I'd spent quite a bit of time hunting for, then an equal amount of time trying to figure out how to wear). It was a surprisingly fun and comfortable outfit, and apparently looked awesome. If only the wind hadn't invaded my pictures...

Shirt - JC Penney Outlet | Necklace - R21 | Belt, pants - F21 | Boots - DEB | Bracelet - Fallas Discount | Purse - Nordstrom's

Yes, pink lips, the NYX thing I have, again. I like pink lips, what can I say?

Then, I wore it again yesterday, for Western Day at my school. Honestly, it was pretty much the exact outfit reworn with different shoes and a different bracelet...

Boots - Justin Boots | Bracelet - F21 | Ring - Earthbound

It was crazy comfortable, although walking into school through the rain was a little awkward. Heels and rain don't get along all that well, it seems.


Zoya "Lolly".

Zoya "Ibiza".

Used two Zoya colors. My first matte polish! I love the texture and look. Very gorgeous. I got them free thanks to a deal put up on Refinery 29. Pretty cool! :>

Knee-highs and Chambray

Though, just so you know, they aren't in the same outfit. My outfits from this long weekend (okay, from Sunday and Monday only, because I think I slept all Saturday...pretty sure I did, since I can't remember doing anything then!)

The first outfit, I think I just wanted to wear the knee highs and the skirt. I wore it to church - and then! - to the Botanical Gardens, where I conned my mother into taking pictures of me. She's not the best with a digital camera, but oh well - there are reasons she's a programmer and not a photographer, right?

Blazer/Necklace - thrifted | Shirt/Skirt/Shoes - F21 | Socks - gift; no clue | Bracelet - Fallas

The next day, Monday, saw me FINALLY using a chambray shirt I snatched on a whim on sale at a JC Penney's outlet. I don't remember my thought process at the time, but for some reason, I thought getting it extra large was a good idea. (It wasn't). This thing also has weird little studs all up and down the center (why, why!?). I don't think I could ever wear it as an actual shirt. But as a jacket...? I liked the outcome, at least.

Chambray shirt - JC Penney Outlet | Tank - F21 | Pants - Target | Flats - Wet Seal

I just love (not) how windy it is here. My hair didn't want to stop flying when I took these pictures. Thing I regret most about this outfit is the lack of jewelry I put with it. It could've used a necklace and at least one bracelet. Oh well~ Mistakes are how you learn.

Happy MLK Day!

(Are you supposed to put 'happy' before that...? Oh well, I will, because a day off school...)

In case you haven't seen this, one of the first released songs on the Hunger Games soundtrack. It's so lovely and addictive.


Oh, I'm so glad this week is over! Everything's been crazy hectic and I've barely had time for anything...well, I had time for stuff the two days I was sick, but I'm gonna be honest, I found myself sleeping those away and pinning stuff when I was awake. (Which wasn't much...) Finishing up final applications, making up homework, and taking any spare time to memorize my lines for the musical (Little Shop of Horrors!) has kept me pretty busy. At least, in about a month, the musical will be done and my levels of exhaustion will plummet. In the meantime, though, it's time to see some pins!

From here.
I. Love. These. Shoes. And I want a pair in every color... Seriously! They look comfy, they're adorable, what more do you want? And they seem to stay on your heels...always a good thing.
From here.
An IKEA hack. A truly AWESOME IKEA hack. This just came out gorgeous, and I looooove the design.
From here.
I'm nervously fidgeting every time I look at this, but...I think I'm really going to try making it. Anyone ready for my first go at a sewing machine in ten years? I don't even remember what I learned in that class at eight... Oh well! That's what the internet and the manual to that machine of mine are for.
From here.
I do not ordinarily pin seriously hot men (with the exception of Matthew Lewis, who I kind of feel obligated to pin it the instant I see his face...) but I HAD to with this. Is there some rule that if a kid worked on the HP movies, they would turn into a seriously hot person afterwards? Because really...I'm wondering.
From here.
Iris Apfel is AMAZING. I really can't think of any word that expresses it so well. (Well, I can...but they're thesaurus worthy words, so I'm going to save them...) If I have to live to be that old, I hope I'm as rocking as she is.
From here.
Inspiration for some of my resolutions.
From here.
This is one thing I have pinned that is seriously going to be finding its way into my life this next weekend. Of all these tips, the one I think is going to be most useful for me is the folders in accordion file. I think that'll make it SO much easier to keep track of all my papers. And am ashamed of how disorganized I am. I'm making progress, at least? (And at least I finally realized that just because I didn't notice the effects didn't mean there were none...)
From here.
Why do I keep finding gorgeous cakes that I really love and could never ever make myself?
From here.
This sums up everything I feel about H/H shipping, really.
From here.
I love illustrations like this, but I can't help but wonder how high this girl's heels are to let her have that kind of legs. (Yes, yes, it's a drawing...but daaaaaaamn, those legs...)
From here.
This has a bunch of tips for learning to "see" light by understanding how natural light works. I'm going to start attempting to apply some of what I've learned from this to my own photos.
From here.
Not children, really...but definitely nephews, nieces, godkids (my friends keep promising me I'll get to be their kids' godmother when they have children...)
From here.
Bun with a sweatband. I'm so loving this.
From here.
Grand Canyon Skywalk. Isn't it simply lovely?
From here.
I think I've actually finally figured out what I want to do for a living. Not so much "become a fashion designer" as, maybe, "become a stylist or style editor of some variety", but certainly involving fashion. It's funny how you change as you get older. I'd never have even thought that was a possibility for ME a few years ago (too girly, right, sixteen-year-old-self?). Heck, until a little while ago, I didn't even know there were schools primarily dedicated to fashion.
From here.
I find this fascinating. It doesn't seem to be about actually running so much as more, the mental side of it, I guess? But it's an intriguing topic.

What things have you loved this week?