30 for 30 Challenge: Day Six

Oh thank goodness! Just one more day of VBS and I'll be done. I could melt right now. I was melting, earlier, up in our castle. Texas remembered it's supposed to be hot. Eww, bad Texas. We like it cool!

After the last day of scraping my legs up on splintery wood, I still probably should have worn something that actually covered my legs, but I'm going to be home all night, so who cares?

Jacket - thrifted | Shirt - DEB | Skirt - I don't remember | Flats - Wet Seal | Bracelet - gifted | Earrings - gifted

It's surprisingly comfortable. Want the skirts background? I don't know where it came from, but it used to have a flowery, sheer overskirt. Which was slowly ripping out of the elastic waistband. One day, I ripped it all the way out, and this thing happened to look awesome solo. It also functions as a (really) short mini dress if I hike it onto my chest and belt it.

In the meantime, I'm compiling a short shopping list of things I need once payday (aka Saturday) rolls around. Only a few items seem to be clothing, and they're mostly serious 'basic' pieces that I somehow don't have. Am also working on attempting to reinvent that denim skirt from yesterday. So far, I've removed the belt loops. I'm considering dying it, though I don't know how well that'd work, but at least things might be in the same color family. I'm thinking black, personally. Any ideas?


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