Jack and the Watering Can

I bought this watering can at Lowes yesterday, since I needed one and it was VERY cheap. But oh-so boring. So, being the bright thing I am, and having tons of untouched paint at my hands, I decided to paint on it. My first idea? A brontasaurus. Then my much better idea that I did paint? Jack and the Beanstalk! I might be doing more stuff like this in the future... 8D

1. The Watering Can, as you see it.
2. I used a fairly large brush to do the beanstalk itself, and some of the leaves. I'd say do the leaves-things with smaller brushes though. Oh, and my paintbrushes are dirt cheap, if you're wondering. I also used water-soluble paints. Yeah, on a watering can. Oh well?
3. The rest of the leaf-things, painted by a miniscule brush.
4. I used the same brush as I did the beanstalk with to do the body of the cottage.
5. Same large brush was used to make the thatch roof on the house, then a brush slightly larger than my leaves brush was used to make the little flower-things dotting the beanstalk (don't question, I saw it somewhere ages ago and still like it) and the design on the cottage.
6. White and yellow paint were mixed on the back of something in order to make a slightly lighter, hopefully not too 'The Simpsons'-y skin tone for Jack and his mom.
7. Jack was painted using the same brush I used to do the leaves.
8. Ditto for Jack's mom.
9. Added another coat to all the white pieces, and done.

This was easy and fun and super quick. ^^ I certainly plan on doing some more of these, fairy tale themed of course.


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