Just a list of blogs I stalk love reading and garner inspiration from. Image!links where the blogger made them, boring normal ones where they didn't.

Fashion and Beauty
Sunny Days and Starry Nights
Run by sisters Tracy and Jessica, this is a cute and fun blog that features lots of food and lots of fashion. They're also pretty prolific pinners on Pinterest.

Smile or Die
One of the coolest teens out there, p. much. Seriously - I learned about her from a Refinery29 feature. She's definitely interesting, though she doesn't update much. Too busy having fun being a teenager - not that you can blame her.

Pretty. Random. Things.
A cute blog run by a South African woman who lives in Taiwan.

New Dress A Day
What can I say that the internet and TV haven't? She's absolutely amazing!

Fash Boulevard
Anna James runs what is probably one of the coolest blogs out there. She started it after being laid off, and is now a contributor for so many different things it's insane. I'd say she's definitely someone to admire.

The Beauty Department
AKA run by Lauren Conrad and her makeup and hair stylists. When I started gaining serious interest in fashion, I picked her book up on a whim. She's one of my inspirations, though I'd hardly consider all of her rules definitive. (She hates eyeshadow, I love it; she loves eyeliner, I have a deathly fear of it; bikinis, and a few other things). It's a good site for ideas, at the least, and I do like ideas!

Pretty Shiny Sparkly
May I just say that this is an amazing blog? I seriously need the time to go back through the archives, because I absolutely love it! This is the lady who made the "Bloggers Do It Better" challenge, and the site is pretty great. Her blog name is definitely the greatest.

I discovered her through BDIB, and enjoy her blog quite a bit now. Why? She's adorable, and her posts are pretty to the point. She also has some cool finds.

Everybody, Everywear
Can I just say I love it? It's a great idea, and a great site. Love it! I've been seeing it around for a while, finally decided to check it out, and went 'okay, this is cool!'.

Tha Fashion Gal. Run by Singapore girl Jocelyn Ng Jinghui, this blog does a lot of showcasing of big house fashions, along with plenty of Singapore designers. She also does quite a few outfit idea posts, which are great. The coolest thing, though, about this girl is that she's FIFTEEN. Be duly impressed and awed.

Fashion Blog is a great blog with unfortunately decreasing updates. However, when Kristina posts something, it's almost always extremely good. I don't think there's a post on there that I don't like, and it's given me plenty of ideas. The archives are worth a read while you hope for more posts.

Clothes Horse NYC LA is a blog run by Amelia Alvarez. It's wonderful and gorgeous. I also need to stalk my way through the blogs on her amazing blogroll.

Procrastinating Pretty taught me more about makeup in just a few weeks of reading than anything else in my life. It's seriously great, and I love watching the videos from here.

Interior Design


I'll be honest - I don't know how I found this blog. I really don't. But I did. (I think I may have been Googling some ideas for how to handle my room - we moved in fall 2009, and my new room is three times the size of the one I'd inhabited the first fifteen years of my life). At any rate, she posts tons of lovely things, and now has a book out. Seriously, she's living my dream right now. (Although mine involves a fantasy novel, but apparently so did hers...) It's definitely inspired me to keep trying to squeeze in writing time in the midst of everything else I do or try to. She has a few other sites that I occasionally glance through when I want to spend some time.

Little Green Notebook
Another that I'm not sure how I found it, and, coincidentally, also a decorating site. (Interior design, basically, I guess). The blogger, Jenny, does some pretty awesome stuff with unexpected pieces.

Amber Interior Design
Yes, ANOTHER interior design blog! I found this one through Little Green Notebook, and got hooked. She does some pretty interesting things - I think her cloud art was the first time I'd ever considered that you could blow up photos and use them as art. (Give me a break, I live in a house where the only art is either in my room, or I literally guilt tripped my parents into putting it up! Can you believe they think that plain walls is a stimulating environment?) Anyhow, she's lovely and talented and I like stalking her blog.

Sleep Talkin' Man
Okay, first off: NSFW. Second off: hysterically funny. Seriously, I come here every day to die laughing at the stuff this guy says in his sleep. It's almost never appropriate or politically correct (except where it concerns certain species of animals being discriminated against, of course), but it does amuse me. My mother claims it's just being seventeen, but I'm pretty sure plenty of non-teens (would) and do enjoy it too.

haus maus
By the same author as decor8, haus maus is about her life as an expat in Germany with her husband. It's a much more infrequent updater than her main blog, but definitely worth a read and follow, because she talks about more personal things on it.

And doubtless there will be more blogs that give me ideas and compel me to stalk them.