Thrift Store Haul

Remember how I didn't post on Tuesday? Welcome to the reason why! I convinced my father to drive me to three different thriftstores that are like forever away from our house - living in the middle of nowhere sucks, by the way; it isn't even quiet since we're across the road from an OIL RIG ugh - and so, no post was written because I was out of the house the entire day. (And I'd been low on creativity and motivation the night before, too).

So, presenting my finds!





The striped shirt is some brand I've never heard of before, leather vest doesn't even say who made it, black blazer is Ann Taylor, denim jacket didn't say who made it either, same problem with the skirt, shoes are 'Mossimo Supply Company', so I'm going to assume they originally came from Target, vase is (judging from the info-paper, from Williamsburg, other vase had a label saying it was made in China, and the purse is apparently by 'Fifth Avenue'. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be Saks or something, but I don't really care. It's comfy and pretty good looking and holds all my stuff.

I will be doing a few things to some of these items. That uber-pointless blazer button is getting changed out for one of the weirder buttons in my button collection, while the denim jacket's buttons will be swapped out for something less...ugly than its current buttons. They look okayish in the picture, but, up close, they are awful. And that skirt? Will never be worn without tights. It's Texas and we specialize in windy as hell around here. I think it'll look better that way anyhow.

Found anything great at thrift stores lately?


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