What I'm Working On

Just a short little list of thiiiings I'm working on (sort of), in case anybody's interested.

  • zebra-grafitiing my makeup lockbox (used during plays & trips because it keeps the stuff fairly safe)
  • Finding some way to make the bow on one headband stay
  • writing on a zombie story idea I had - don't ask, it's SO weird, but I have to write it
  • attempting to be useful working at a VBS program
  • re-reading Tina Fey's Bossypants
  • actually bothering to get my summer reading
  • getting some more characters profiled in my character notebook/filething (I require it to keep track)
  • finishing sketches of several characters, as well as a few fanfiction chapters
  • and working on some other story ideas that aren't fanfiction/zombie stuff
  • finding some place to store my new epic water bottle (I'll post a picture soon-ish)
  • writing a post about what non-thrifted stuff I managed to buy
  • and the rather epic store I discovered while at the mall yesterday
  • trying to start a packing list for Cali, so I don't manage to forget hairthings like I did going to Spain
  • try to actually do something with my friends
  • finish cleaning my room

I must admit, the most fun things on the list are the zebra-graffiti and re-reading Bossypants. But I'll still manage to get through most of this sometime soon, I think.

Is your to-do list/working-on list trying to stretch to a mile long like mine has been attempting to do? (I know that the instant I hit publish, I will think of at least ten more things I'm working on right now that I should have added).


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