Hair Length!

I don't know if I've mentioned before, but I'm growing my hair out. And have been since I chopped it off in ninth grade. I do a length check, which involves copious amounts of time straightening my unusually impossible-to-straighten hair. Seriously. It takes a full four-hundred-fifty degrees to partially straighten my hair, and I have to go over it several dozen times to get it fully straight. The stylist I occasionally see straightens my hair at about five-hundred degrees, I believe, and it's very quick. I kind of want a straightener that goes that high for my birthday. It'd make handling my hair easier, since it's a mix of curly and wavy, and is capable of standing up on end without having tried to make it that way (for example, see my bangs in plenty of the pictures on this site). The long portions of my hair tend to sort of straighten out once they've been brushed, but the bangs make little horns when I don't put the effort into straightening them or pinning them back. But I digress...

Ninth grade me. Looks okay, until you realize it was impossible to get a comb through.

Look at it now! It's past my bra strap and heading towards my waist. I'm hoping it'll reach hip length by the end of senior year. Yes, hip length. I really, really like long hair, and after ninth grade (I lost track of how many times people asked what gender I was - I know tons of people who likes that reaction, but it just upset me) I'm kind of eager to keep my hair long. The romper here is from Wet Seal, and I use it for spring/summer pajamas.


  1. WOW! I just measured mine today and found it was below my bra strap! But I am planning to get it cut. I'm just not sure how!!

  2. @Helena
    Thanks! And that's pretty long hair. Hopefully you'll figure out something fun to do with it.

    Thank you for dropping by!


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