Long Time Gone

So, it's rather hard to take outfit pictures in college, much less get time to even think about posting. Somehow, I haven't fallen into a uniform of sweatpants and hoodies. (The reason being that I don't own any of either... As cold as it's been getting, I wouldn't have any qualms about succumbing if they were warmer). The constant walking around here has been a fairly good thing - I've lost quite a bit of weight recently. (The downside is that a lot of my clothing now no longer fits...)

I finally found a workable picture taking spot in my dorm area, though I don't generally have the time to take advantage of it. The pictures you're about to see are from the last Friday in September, from an extremely wonderful day. Seriously, it was definitely one of the best days I've ever had.

Trenchcoat - thrifted | Skirt as Top - TJ Maxx | Skirt - Charlotte Russe | Tights - F21 | Shoes - PayLess | Necklace - R21 pendant, chain from great-great-aunt | Earrings - thrifted

Given some more time I'm sure I'll figure out how to edit these better. (And by time, I mean, time where the wifi network is running fast enough I can download a picture editing program that isn't iPhoto, which, sorry, but iPhoto is literally the worst effing thing EVER). Had the shoe off my foot in order to make sure they showed, since they weren't in the first set, and I didn't feel like redoing photos.