question for y'all

I intended to post this week...and didn't.  It can be very difficult to feel motivated to work on blog posts when there are a trillion and seven other things happening in your life, and I guess I've been trying to do too many things, because blogging isn't particularly fun right now.  (Or maybe that's the thought of all the essays I need to write that's making it feel not fun).  A break's a logical thing, right?  On the other hand, I don't want to just leave this sitting here, blank and bleak, especially since that introduces bad habits for the school year (*cough* just look at my 2011/2012 posts for evidence of that...)  I want a break, but I don't want to go too far away from the blog, and I'd like to figure out something that works for summers in general, because (for some reason) I'm always least interested in writing on here during them.  Maybe because I get really boring, clothing-wise, really fast?  It's a possibility.  Anyways, what I'd like to know, from you, my readers, is: Would once-weekly or once every two week 'photo diary' posts a la Lauren Conrad be acceptable?  I mean, I'm probably going to go that route regardless, but I'm curious to hear from y'all, so tell me!

Also: Do you guys have this problem?  How do you handle it?

ps: my back and shoulder have started peeling and everything hurts so much less now!

hell on my back

I got a sunburn on the fifth, and before you ask, it's actually the worst one I've ever had.  Which is weird, because it happened in half the time it usually takes me to get ones that are almost as bad...  Apparently, Ohio sun is nastier than Spain or California sun (we won't speculate on Texas sun, because I've never been stupid enough to stay outside too long in that...well, except when I was six, but...)  Anyways, I can't really lift my arms or comfortably put shirts on, and that, added to the fact I have two papers to write this week, means minimal posting this week.  (I know, again!? Yes, again, I am sorry).  I'll try to get an outfit post up on Wednesday, since I'm not even going to really bother with today.

Now, time to go try to get a shirt on without screaming, write this paper, go to my doctor's appointment, go get some aloe vera, and find someone capable of reaching my back to assist me in the noble endeavor of making it possible for me to function semi-normally...

ugly vs. comfy

I'm writing this Thursday, after a fun (and terrifying) hiking experience.  I'm about to go watch fireworks...and I'm going to wear ugly, white espradilles because they're really comfortable.  Yeah...  In the meantime, I'm going to share some things I've enjoyed this week.

My friend made these amazingly delicious overly-cookied chocolate confections as thanks for getting to stay with me while she visits.  It's been great! :D


The Periodic Table of Elements being used for its proper purpose: sneaking in swearwords.  This translates to: "(F) fluorine (U) uranium (C) carbon (K) potassium (Bi) bismuth (Tc) technetium (He) helium (S) sulfur (Ge) germanium (Tm) thulium (O) oxygen (Ne) neon (Y) yttrium."


What have you loved this week?

Happy Fourth!

It's the Fourth of July! I hope you guys have a lovely holiday - I'm going to be chilling with my friends and enjoying whatever shenanigans we engage in. What're you going to be up to?


twice the speed of life

One of my favorite bands during my country phase was (and is) Sugarland. I love the lyrics and the energy of the songs so much (honestly, almost all my favorite songs are very high-energy ones). Here are some of my favorite Sugarland songs over the years!

Are you a country fan at all? (And as always, I'm up for any recommendations y'all have!)

everything absurd

It's been a bit of a nutty time for me recently, as you mighta noticed by the approximate two-week absence.  Starting class definitely took a toll on my time (a Case grad I was talking to recently told "you're fucking insane!" when I told her I was taking a class while working) as did going back to Texas.  Seriously, visiting my parents made me less energetic than running around with friends the whole weekend would have.  Granted, hanging out with friends would have been severely lacking in feline and canine perks, soooo...

Anyways, here are some things I've worn over the past few weeks, presented without much commentary - I didn't get any good pictures in Texas, because there was nowhere to shoot from (seriously! All my old places are GONE, somehow).  I also only have one picture from Cleveland Pride, since I spent the entire parade holding a giant sign.

Shirt - F21 | Short - Wet Seal | Shoes - H&M

Shirt - Kohl's | Skirt/belt - F21 | Necklace - great-aunt's

Shirt/skirt/hairthing - F21 | Shoes - PayLess | Bracelet - made by me

Skirt (as dress) - TJ Maxx | Scarf/necklace - presents | Belt - Papaya | Shoes - Charlotte Russe | Headband - ???

Dress - F21 | Shoes - thrifted | Bracelet - Jewelmint

And finally...the promised picture from Pride! Let's take a moment to appreciate how short I am, compared to my friends...

How have you been these past few weeks?

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