Bento Box!

I went to the Japanese Gardens in my area with my mom on Monday, and they had bento boxes at the gift shop. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am obsessed in love with Japanese culture and well, anything Japanese, really. (My mom's fault, I assure you. She lived there once and told me about it.) So them having bento boxes...well, I "hinted" at my mom that she should buy me one. "Moooom. You know what would make a really good end of school Sue-passed-PreCalculus-gift? BENTOBOX. Pleeeeeaaaaaaseeee?" She bought it for me, surprisingly enough, which just shows that I ought to ask these things more often. So, we have pictures of my lovely new bento box.

Adorable case, y/y?

I believe this is a label saying it's microwave safe. Top tier.

The unlabeled bottom tier.

The band that holds it together/obscures part of the design.


I love the little bunny logo! Of course, the bunny, combined with my school uniform, long hair, and penchant for pigtails is going to make me feel total Sailor Moon next year...but it'll be in an epic way. I think it should be a nice "lunch box" for my senior year. And if you're wondering how I'll take sandwiches in this, I have two things to say. I'm probably not going to be taking sandwiches. And if I did, I could cut them up.

Anyhow, this is a good way to start the summer!
Now, if I can just convince my mom that a kimono or a pair of designer heels or a Macbook or a car is a good graduation present by sometime next year, then next summer will be even better.


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