Grammy's: Best Dressed

As basically everyone knows, the Grammy's were on last Sunday night. It took over Twitter then, certainly. I didn't watch them (no TV being the main issue...) I have to admit, my favorite piece of the night was Nicki Minaj and the fake Pope, because why not?

Best-dressed of the night, so far as I am concerned, was definitely Mika Newton. She was beyond gorgeous, and I'm in love with everything about her dress.

Next-best was Kelly Rowland. It's funny, because I actually don't like the dress itself. But the way she wore's gorgeous, primarily because she is.

And third up was Adele. She did great on the awards front, definitely. I'm not such a fan of the blonde hair, but she looked lovely.
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Who were your favorites?

Happy Valentines' Day!

In honor of this, there is first a Bloggers Do It Better challenge, and then, via the magic of pinterest, a Hunger Games Valentines card.

Blazer - thrifted | Skirt-dress - TJ Maxx | Purse - R21 | Tights/belt - F21 | Shoes - Payless

I wore this on Sunday, and loved it. Wearing this skirt as a dress makes me happy because of how swingy it is. It's sososo fun to wear. Anyhow, this week is INSANE, now that it's the week of the musical. We had six hours of rehearsal yesterday!


As promised, a Hunger Games Valentine. :) Enjoy!

Hot Pink

This is what I have discovered from actually using my Twitter this past week: if it isn't one thing EVERYWHERE, it's another. Prabal Gurung was literally my entire feed for about six straight hours. (Maybe this is because, other than some Harry Potter stars, I'm mainly following fashion people who're based in New York...) I didn't mind that much, though, the collection is gorgeous. Anyhow, we're starting the week off easy on here, with just my mani for the week. This one was actually inspired by a pin on Pinterest.

the inspiration
Zoya "Lolly" is the matte

And Essie "Secret Story" is the glossy.

So this is definitely an interesting one to try. I need to acquire some more matte polishes to try it in other colors, just for my personal curiousity on the subject, though.

Fantabulously Pinteresting~!

I managed to mess up the time I wanted to get this out at, but ah well. Things happen, after all. This week has been rather busy - homework everywhere, "wait, I have to do scholarship applications too? DAMNIT!", realizing the reason my sunglasses are always uncomfortable is because my nose slants to the left a lot, and battling over ice cream with the little brother. (I won, by the way). Oh, and lots of Pinterest was involved too, of course. xD Have my favorite pins of the week.

Check them out after the jump! (Yes, I'm finally playing with that feature... MWAHAHAHA! (hush, I'm crazy on a lack of sleep)).

Stripe Heaven

Last weekend was a rather interesting one. I didn't have play practice on Saturday, so I managed to go shopping (mostly for play related stuff...) and then, somehow, on the way back from church on Sunday, I was able to snag a skirt from Jason Wu for Target. Obviously, Texan ladies aren't quite as obsessed with this stuff as people in say, Florida are (here's looking at those people selling tons of this stuff on E-bay...), though the accessories were cleaned out. Or it may have just been that this was a rather out-of-the-way Target... Who knows! Either way, I've got the feeling that this skirt will become one of my staples in a matter of time. It's cute and pleated and everything I've been obsessing about in skirts for MONTHS now. No, I don't have a picture of me in it yet. I think that's something for this weekend, if I actually manage to do anything outside of play practice.

All of this is from F21. I walk into one of the big stores and bam! Attack of the things.
The headbands in there are replacing my old black and gold chain headband, which, sadly, snapped while I was trying to use it. Given that it's always hated me...well, the blue headbands seem more reliable, so far. The striped dress made an appearance on Sunday...

Dress (as shirt), skirt, tights, headband - F21 | Vest - thrifted | Shoes - R21

I like the second picture best, so it seems that the brick out on our porch is a good place for pictures. Always handy to know! The last image was just wanting to see what would happen if I took it from that angle - I kept it because, well, isn't it cool!?

Added Another Style to the Repertoire

Think back to last Friday, and remember the video at the very end of the post. It was for this hairstyle apparently commonly worn by Meredith from Birchbox. It's called the Modern Topsy Tail Updo. In case you don't feel like following the link back to last Friday's post, I'm also putting the video down here.

It's really easy, and it actually stays very well. I tried it out on Saturday, and it definitely worked well. Just another little thing I can do with my awkward length hair. Some shots of it (ignore how weird my face is being... It's having trouble figuring out how smiling works...)

Definitely something that everyone can and should try. (And let Birchbox know if you try - pretty sure they love to see that!) And of course, let me know if there are any styles you think I should try.


"Happy" Monday! I don't want it to be Monday, obviously, but you probably feel the same way. Anyhow, I finally got around to getting my last, very very chipped manicure off, and this is the result.

Zoya "Raven".

Butter London "Artful Dodger".

I actually wore this color scheme a while back, and I had to try it again. I just really love the two of them together. They may be my nail polish OTP. Now, wanna hear the story behind that purple bandaid? Saturday, I was moving my bed around, because one side was more broken down than the other, and my hand slipped and came down on this metal part of the frame, and BAM!, sliced-open thumb, somehow. It's nasty to look at without the bandaid, seriously. 

Hopefully nobody else had injuries over the weekend!

Fantabulously Pinteresting~

This has been a long, painful, and busy week. I think I'll spend the part of this weekend that is mine quietly... I really don't have the energy or want to do that much. Still, I've picked my favorite pins from Pinterest this week...

I'm absolutely in love with the style of these shoes, not to mention the way they look. They'd be hard, but fun, to style.
I don't think I've wanted a long yellow skirt before...but when it looks like this and it's a mermaid style, I'm a goner.
This is absolutely true. I just wish it hit more people more often...
Stromboli is one of my favorite foods EVER.
I saw this, and immediately converted from Katniss/Peeta to Katniss/Seamus. Their relationship would be full of fireworks, am I right? XD
Yes, yes, yes!
I'll be trying this shortly. See how I like it and how it stays with my hair. Should be fun~!

I'll see you all next week!