30 for 30 Challenge: Day One (and some other stuff)

As I was thinking about my trip to California (under a month, now!) I realized that if I "budgeted" like I'd done with this last allowance (ie spent everything), there would be nothing left to spend at those awesome Cali stores such as H&M (MOVE TO TEXAS H&M PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU. PEOPLE WOULD SHOP AT YOU BECAUSE YOU SOUND LIKE A&M AND ALSO PEOPLE KIND OF LOVE YOU ALREADY, K? DOOOO IT!) and any other places I may discover while I'm there. (Besides, I'm hoping against hope that Disney Land has costumes for the adults and that, specifically, they have Rapunzel costumes, because I loved her dress and I really want to steal her hair (as in, her short brown hair - it's so adorable! though I wouldn't mind having seventy feet of magical hair either...) basically, Rapunzel has kind of replaced Ty Lee as my hopeful Halloween costume. I couldn't find what I'd need to be Ty Lee (going off a tutorial someone made; some of the stuff I just couldn't find - though goodness knows I'll try again). Probably couldn't find what I'd need to make a Rapunzel dress either...

And then, while perusing an interesting looking blog, I stumbled upon this. And an idea was born. Several minutes of scouring my closet later left me with thirty pieces. I'm not shopping for the next thirty days (well, next twenty-nine, since today was day one!) Basically means I'll be allowing myself to shop around the time we hit Cali, and not a moment before. We'll see how it goes! (Also, this makes me post more...gives me an incentive to, really. I want to post on weekends, and then I get distracted and it doesn't happen...but now it will.)

The thirty pieces...
they're now hanging and not on my couch/workspace
Accessories and shoes not included, ofc. If they had been, you would see my shoe rack, a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt. Yeah. Seriously.

And Day One!
Necklace - gift | Tank - A'gaci Too | Shorts -Western Warehouse (with help from my scissors - would you believe these things are nine years going on ten!? I was a TALL eight year old!) | Sandals - Payless | Bracelets - Forever 21


Sigh. I don't even know what I'm doing in that last picture. I am such a weird poser! Also, note to self; if you're going out, BRING A JACKET. Nobody else keeps their places as warm as your mother keeps the house.

Now, for tomorrow, I get to find a church appropriate, lead-singer-appropriate outfit. Because guess what? That's what I'll be doing tomorrow. Otherwise I would wear jeans and one of the t-shirts I allowed myself. (eww, I can't throw on whatever t-shirt is most convenient each day, I have to think).

In other news, I wore an (almost) entirely thrifted outfit yesterday. All the items are actually in my 30 pieces. Maybe I should count that as Day One and the above outfit as Day Two? I'll be in the middle of nowhere when that would run out...hmm.

Feathers- Earthbound Trading Co. | Vest - thrifted | Shirt - thrifted | Skirt - still not sure, but I think TJ Maxx | Flats - thrifted


that's my dad in the background. wondering why his daughter's taking pictures in the hall and not sleeping.





I am an awkward poser and I don't care. XD Did you notice what that vest does when I zip it up? Definitely made for a less busty person...but I don't really care. It's cute and comfortable and I adore it. Same thing for that skirt. It's so weird how it handles shadows though. It sometimes just...doesn't have any shadows and looks totally flat and bizarre.

Have you done this challenge and had fun with it? I think I'm going to!


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