Dat Blazer

So remember that blazer I keep wearing? (Here...?) Well. It strikes again!

Necklace/Purse/shoes - R21 | Blazer - thrifted | Skirt - I don't know | Cardigan (beneath blazer)/headband - F21


Beret/blazer - thrifted | Necklace/purse/shoes - R21 | Skirt - I dunno | Cardigan (beneath blazer)/pants - F21

The first outfit was worn for the part of the day where it wasn't freezing. The second was a logical deviation when everything was suddenly super cold and windy. Oh, Texas...I "love" your crazy weather.

Kind of Crazy

Now is when I shake my head slightly and admit I thought polishes from OPI and Zoya weren't worth the money. I can't stop rubbing my nails because they're /so/ smooth.

"Artful Dodger"

I'm pretty sure this is the neatest manicure I've ever done... Oh, and I used an OPI base coat.

Do you like the more expensive polish brands, or is cheap good enough? I've been arguing both sides with myself, and I'd love to hear some other opinions.

Fantabulously Pinteresting...

Welcome to the weekend! I hope your week was wonderful and that your food coma isn't too severe. And that you got some good Black Friday steals. As usual, my favorites for the week, via my pinterest.

From here.
Guys, I think I'm getting a pair of these... I need brown boots, right? Yes, right.
From here.
This is beautiful... I wanna live there.
From here.
I reeeeeally wanna make this shirt. ^^
From here.
Helena Bonham Carter is one of my idols, as far as acting goes.
From here.
From here.
From here.
I reaaaally wanna know...was this cake chocolate, or vanilla? XD Or what?
From here.
From here.
From here.
Just give my hair a little growing time, and I'll be trying this out.
From here.
What are your favorites from this week?

Happy Turkey Day!

Enjoy the festivities of nomming and stuff, if you are an American. If you're not...enjoy your typical Thursday?

Today, I will be (not) be eating copious amounts of everything. Just the holiday yams. Just saying, those suckers are all mine. What will you be doing? Dining with your family, your friends, being annoyed that Americans are so crazy about this particular holiday?


Last Saturday was my birthday. I keep re-realizing that I'm eighteen, and it's so odd. I missed yesterday's post due to one of my birthday presents, Mastiff by Tamora Pierce. ^^;

Last Friday, I also was dragged to see Breaking Dawn Part One by a few friends. I'm not really a fan, but I've somehow wound up watching all the pieces so far (including Eclipse in Spanish...) I think this one was, in some ways, better than the others - primarily because KStew had facial expressions in it, finally, which has me excited for Snow White and the Huntsman. (Yes, I'm a fairy tale geek...especially for Snow White stuff!)

Over the past weekend, I've literally had a hat on every day. It's handy for dealing with the fact that it's been pretty cold lately, and also a good way to avoid being annoyed with my hair, which is pulling a poodle thing for shape.

To Breaking Dawn...
Hat/pants - F21 | Shirt - Kohl's | Blazer/shoes - thrifted | Necklace - R21

I wound up being so comfortable in this that I wore semi-identical outfits the next two days (with shirt and shoe swaps, and one hat swap). Sadly, those lack pictures because I was too busy.

Next, my outfit yesterday (which was worn doing grocery shopping...not very glamorous or fun).
Hat/dress - thrifted | Cardigan/tights - F21 | Shoes - someplace | Necklace- R21

I swear it looked better in real life than camera... Sigh.
Do you ever wear hats?


Aaaand it's Friday! (Thank goodness, this week has felt never-ending!) Sorry for missing yesterday - it's hard to keep up with everything, some days moreso than on others.

From here.
I'll have to keep this in mind for my red heels, since the color's been getting pretty scuffed up.
From here.
I can't express my need for this decal! I just...I want like ten of them. :|
From here.
This dress is just...so gorgeous. Sadly, it's also like 350 USD.
From here.
From here.
One of four women interviewed by Refinery29, this girl had my favorite outfit of the batch. She works at Google (which looks like the coolest place to work EVER).
From here.
From tumblr.
From here.
I've always wanted to make one of these...they're fascinatingly lovely.
From here/
A site full of healthy crockpot recipes.
source unavailable.
From here.
This is just...amazing.
From here.
This is one of the coolest photoshop manips I've ever heard of. Colors to words.
From here.
From here.
This braid is gorgeous... I wonder how long her hair is, though.
From here.
This is a simply stunning picture.

How was your week? Got any favorites to share?


I got my first Birchbox last weekend, and oh my goodness, I am so in love with them already. Me being me, I forgot to do an unboxing video, but oh well! Next time, right?

This is...interesting. Haven't tried it yet, but certainly plan on doing so!

The color is "Noel", and I so plan on trying a mani with it next weekend.

This is the perfume "Twirl" by Kate Spade. Sadly, it produces an allergic reaction from me, so I've got to come up with something to do with it.

Jouer Lip Enhancer. Also have yet to try this...but I will, no fear.

A little hair tie. It's adorable and comfy!
Are you a Birchbox subscriber?