30 for 30 Challenge: Day Two & HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

Gotta love churchy stuff... sort of. It's always hard to dress for - do I want to be dressy, do I want to be casual, do I want to basically look like a boy today hm? Because, half the time, I do want to look like a boy. More comfortable, and if there is an impromptu volleyball game, I can kick their asses and (temporarily) end the sandwich jokes for awhile. I hate those jokes.

BUT on certain days, you kinda need to dress up. Those are the days when you have some sort of holiday...or when you're singing up front. Today technically filled both, really.

Blazer - A'gaci Too | Dress - Forever 21 | Skinny jeans - Wet Seal (online) | Booties - Rue21 | Necklace - Forever 21 | Bracelet - gift (from friend who went to Thailand)



closeup on the bracelet

I love my skinny jeans, even if they're impossible to wear without a dress (really, really, low rise).

So it's Father's Day and even though he doesn't read this blog (or care that I have it! xD ) I figure I oughtta say something.

Thank you, dad, for being totally insane and posing for pictures with weird foods and not minding flash accidentally going off in your eye. And for driving me everywhere, even though you complain, handling me and mom fighting, and taking care of this shambles we call a house. Love you, dad!

I hope you all had a fun Father's Day.


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