30 for 30 Challenge: Can I count the same outfit five times? (Day 3 and Day 4)

Well, not really. I'm only counting it once, though I am wearing it five times, for working VBS.

T-shirt - VBS issued | Shorts - H&M | Flats - Payless | Wild hair - uniquely me


I did add socks today, to protect my legs from the very splintery wood I spend half of my five hours kneeling on, though.

And then, today, after I got home and changed...
Sweater/shirt-thing - someplace in Washington state | Tank - Wet Seal | Shorts - Wet Seal | Flip-flops - Forever 21

It's interesting to realize that, even three months ago, I would have been too scared to even wear these shorts in my own room. Which is the only place I'm wearing them, but hey, this all comes from my thirty items! (The sweatshirt was not in the original thirty, but one of the pieces ripped, so it got stuck in in place of).

Funny moments today included the girl I'm doing puppets with (M) being groped (twice) by a nine year old boy, the awkward comments received when that story was told, re-meeting the five-year-old who proposed to M last year (he's going to be in kindergarten for her senior year at the same school, so it's "meant to be", according to him! XD ), and roaring/snoring into the microphone.

Now I'm going to pass out again for a while.

PS: random caps unintentional and cause unknown


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