30 for 30 Challenge: Day Seven - VBS is OOOOOOVER

Maybe it's kind of mean, but inside, I am dying of relief that VBS is through. I mean, I love children. I especially love them when they are their parents' responsibility and not mine. I'm also enjoying the ability to sleep in tomorrow.

Dress, Belt, Bracelets - Forever 21 | Gladiator Sandals - Payless | Purse (outside) - gifted | Purse (inside and unseen) - A'gaci


I did wind up in my "uniform" of lime green shirt and jean-shorts in the evening, for closing ceremony. Also, went grocery shopping with the parents today. We went to this awesome asian supermarket we usually only get to once a year (sadness! I'd love to live there, I think. It's so lovely (did you know supermarket could be lovely? Well. This one is!) and I adore the music and the people and the stuff...all it lacks in order to be perfect is a giant shoe store!). Obviously, I enjoyed myself.

I'll invent a viable outfit when I wake up tomorrow. Hopefully at two in the afternoon. And then I'll try to get to some other posts I haven't had the energy for, that aren't outfit centric.

Before I go to bed, I leave you with this tip: if you have a purse that, for some reason, just doesn't work at all with the rest of your outfit, but you don't want to swap the contents of your purse out/don't have the time to do so, and the first purse is smaller than the second, just stuff it inside. Though you can't see it, my little red purse is stuffed inside my black one.

Any interesting tips or fun stuff you've gotten to do?


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