30 for 30 Challenge: Day Eleven and Day Twelve

Sorry for no posts yesterday! I didn't have time to do more than take pictures the day before, or for most of yesterday. Sigh. At least I have a good excuse for why I couldn't get anything done yesterday.

Poor puppy had to have shots so she can stay at Petsmart while we go to Cali. Don't feel sorry for her, though. She hates cars, and hates city areas.

Also, guys, I'm an idiot. I seriously should not have been shopping last weekend...I shoulda been shopping this weekend! -facepalm- How could I forget about fourth of july sales? Well, live and learn, but still. Totally facepalm worthy.

Dress - Forever 21 | Shoes - Image

This dress is far too comfy. So are the shoes.

Tank - Wet Seal | Shorts - H&M | Flip-flops - Forever 21

Admittedly, this was more of a 'I'm stuck in the horrible heat of Texas let's try not to die' outfit. Because I was outside quite a bit of the day, with the puppy.

Hopefully my posts tomorrow will actually get up on time. This one would have been done last night, had Blogger not somehow scrambled its brains and died on me. :<


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