As it turns out, nothing will be getting done till I'm through with vacation. I'm putting my 30-for-30 on hold till it's over (I already am done through #20, so it'll just be ten outfits left) and getting prepared for college visits (eeeeeeeeeep) and Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and the beach (yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy)! I suppose I might manage the time to sort of work on posts about that. (We'll be driving a lot, after all).

I'm just excited for Friday, when we're picking the chiquito (my nickname for my quasi-brother) up from his family in Arizona and just getting to California already! My only regret is that I don't get a midnight showing of Harry Potter. I've never managed to go to one, not even the ones that opened on my birthday. Don't worry too much. I'm making up for this by wearing house colors in the car.

Hopefully everyone else will have fun, whether at HP showings, or on vacation, or bumming around the house.

lo siento

I'm sorry there's no post for today; I'm cleaning up the aftermath of my dog attacking our friend's dog, who has been staying with us, and trying to get some sleep. I'll be back tomorrow!

30 for 30 Challenge: Day Seventeen, outfit eighteen

I'm writing this at almost 5:30 in the morning, having not slept at all because I was too busy doing stuff...I'm not actually entirely sure what I was doing. But I meant to write this at six this afternoon, and it's now eleven hours later.

Oxford - school uniform | Belt- ??? | Dress - Forever 21 | Shoes (that you can't see) - Payless

I love maxi dresses, and really want to have more. But I think the pricing is kinda ridiculous. Twenty bucks for a see-through dress with a slit up the side and a hem that I trip on? Extreme example, but I see it frequently. This thing was twelve bucks on sale. I want colorful maxi plz. Really, I want more color in my wardrobe full stop.

I've finally gotten sick of this challenge, by the way. Still, eighteen outfits in is pretty good. I'll finish it and move on quite happily, I think.

30 for 30 Challenge: Day Sixteen (Part One and Two)

Day Sixteen was an interesting day. It was the day I got to celebrate Fourth of July, though only at church. For a family where basically everyone but me has served the country in some capacity, usually in the military, my family doesn't seem to do patriotic at all. Or they all feel they did the patriotic already. XD Whatever the reason, Fourth of July at my house is dull and boring. At church, it was at least kinda fun, even if my shoes murdered me. Slingbacks are bad enough on their own...add a peeptoe and they really start hurting. But they're too pretty not to wear.

One lady told me I looked like a walking flag. XD

Skirt (worn as a shirt) - TJ Maxx? | Belt - Forever 21 | Purse - thrifted | Skirt - DEB | Heels - Tack (Spain) | Watch - Rue21

I love wearing that red skirt as a top... Ok, really, I just plain love wearing ANY skirt as a top. Preferably a one-shouldered top, but I figured I should be more conservative for church. If we'd been talking a barbecue or something, I'd have gone one-sleeved for sure. I just...really love one-sleeved things. I have a one-sleeved minidress hiding in my closer, waiting for me to decide how/when to wear it. Mostly, I'm just trying to find a pair of plain, solid, not-patterned, footed black tights. That should not be as hard as it is. (I've been looking since October of last year).

Then, when I got home from church, I wanted something more casual, which was good, since we then had to make a small grocery run for a few things. No, I didn't change...entirely.
Jacket - Forever 21 | Skirt (worn as a dress) - TJ Maxx? | Feathers in hair - Earthbound Trading Co. | Flats - Payless | Purse - thrifted

I have got to figure out how to fix this red-eye thing. Cuz my red-eye correct won't work on the way these pictures are before I crop them in Paint, and it won't let me transfer them back. Ah well, I'll figure it out eventually!

Anyhow, I fixed my hair thing, temporarily. Clipping about an inch, which I needed to do anyhow, thanks to my split ends, has made me stop fretting at my hair for the moment. Hopefully I won't have this issue again for a while... And I need to replace my black flats.

Also, I will be counting this as TWO outfits in the challenge. I'll try to do some other day similarly to this, that way I'm through with it before my first day on the way to Cali.

Eleven more days till Cali!

30 for 30 Challenge: Day Fifteen

Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with this challenge. It has to do with me wearing skirts more often, of my own volition. I have this weird, almost...dysmorphia thing with my hair. When I wear skirts, I want it to be short as can be...and when I wear pants, I want it to be as long as I can get it. I woke up yesterday from a dream about chopping my hair off. I'm serious. So after the third, I'm throwing my shorts back on and not leaving them for a while, because I really do want my hair to be long, and I hate dealing with this weird mental process of mine.

At least this outfit was cute, and marked a first for me - that is, mixing prints. I don't think I've ever done that before, not even when I was a little kid.
Bow - I have no idea | Top - thrifted | Skirt - Body Central | Sandals - Charlotte Russe

I don't know what I was doing in the last shot, but I laughed enough that I didn't retake it.
Now, I'm finding things I can do with my hair that make it look short without actually chopping any of it off. We'll see how that goes...and if you have any ideas, PLEASE COMMENT. (The reason I won't chop my hair off is...well, been there, done that, spent a year being asked if I was a boy, never doing that again - androgyny works for some people, but I can't do it and be happy).

30 for 30 Challenge: Day Fourteen

Yesterday, I wasn't planning on going anywhere. But dressed like I was. So I did wind up going somewhere. Hm. I'll have to try that strategy again...

Also, want to know something embarrassing? I am a terrible counter. Absolutely TERRIBLE. I showed my dad the clothes I was using for this challenge, and he pretty much immediately knew I didn't have thirty items. So, I'm adding in two skirts, this blue one (I'd previously subbed in something else because I'd lost enough weight it wasn't fitting right, but I've figured out how to make it work again - think safety pins), and the floral one I bought at the mall last weekend. If I do this challenge again, I'm making somebody else count it for me so I know I have thirty.

Sunglasses - CVS | Blazer - A'gaci | Shirt and skirt - DEB | Shoes - Blanco (Spain) | Bracelet - unknown | Ring - gifted


I also got a package from Lands End today, which contained an awesome (TEN DOLLAR) tote bag and a pretty cool swimsuit. My current one is still good and all, but I wanted something else because...well, I have bad luck with swimsuits.


I should get quite a bit of use from these. Especially from the bag, since it can be used for tons of things. We leave for Cali on the fourteenth! WE WE WE SO EXCITED. (Okay, sorry, had to. Friday created the biggest craze ever at my school when it went viral, and I still haven't recovered from the habit of using the lyrics to punctuate things...)

And as we head into the weekend, I'm happily perusing a few blogs and contemplating what to wear for some of my other days.

30 for 30 Challenge: Day Thirteen

Oh, I'm kind of dead right now. Yesterday involved a lot of time spent wrestling my puppy...something I hadn't anticipated when I dressed. I thought we were going to be doing things. We didn't. Needless to say, her white fur has that black tank top heading to the washer. I'd need like six lint brushes to clean it all off. Yay for shedding!

Tank - Wet Seal | Skirt - TJ Maxx (or something) | Gladiators - Payless

At least I didn't go out, I guess. This was not exactly an inventive or good looking outfit. At least I'm learning this stuff in a fairly low pressure situation.

I'll try to get up something besides my outfit posts tomorrow.