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Okay, really, I haven't had time to get through the archives on over half of these ( :< ) but I will. It's summer, and when I'm in the car for hours on computer will have had TONS of tabs from these amazing blogs opened and organized for me to read through as we drive across quite a bit of desert and boring places where we don't get to get out of the car. (Sadly, New York isn't near LA; I loved driving through NYC when we did, because so many wireless networks had swearword names. In seventh grade, this was hysterically funny and I spent the entire two hours drive-through refreshing my connection thing and giggling like the immature child I was). But that's off topic, isn't it?

The Sisters 4 say.... MORE is More
These gals have amazing styles. They're real sisters. Though, if you aren't into dealing with reading occasional dashes of religion/mormonism, don't touch. Personally, I think it's rather interesting to see people reflecting their faith in their personal lives. Probably because I don't run into many people who really do, despite living in the Bible Belt, going to church regularly, and attending a religious school. (Or is it because I do all those things? Sometimes, I wonder). Regardless of that, though, they have some pretty awesome diys. Also, Sis #1 and Sis #2 have some of the most adorable kids ever. They look like they could easily run anyone ragged! I think my favorite highlight from the archives so far is the no-sew cropped fringy sweatshirt. It's lovely and fun and I'm going to have to make it for ballet next year! It's so cold coming out of the overly-hot ballet room at school, so obviously an easy and awesome thing like that belongs in my life. I even have quite a few somewhere that'd fit the bill. (The no-shopping thing doesn't mean I won't try some diy projects!)

seamstress stories
I'm combing through her archives right now, but already, I'm kind of obsessed. Especially since I saw this hairstyle. It's practically the same thing I do to get my hair up at night. Plus, she's adorable - I love her long hair. And she's made some really interesting things from seemingly useless pieces - such as a sundress from two t-shirts, or awesome sandals from old ones she didn't quite like. Rather inspiring.

Classy Cosmetics
hmm. Maybe I'll actually start wearing makeup because of this. She's obviously quite good with makeup. At the very least, I should be well armed for the musical next year!

Dollar Store Crafts
Say it with me: DIYs are AWESOME. And this site is full of them. Some useful, some silly (but awesome still), some just plain epic. Also, they featured this. I need to dip into my collections of hanging-around t-shirts, clearly, between them and The Sisters 4!

Everybody, Everywear
Can I just say I love it? It's a great idea, and a great site. Love it!

That's all...for now. ;) I can assure you I'll find more awesome blogs, no doubt.


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