Buttons Make the World Go 'round

Well. Not really! But they do help make three jackets interesting!

Remember my thrifted denim jacket and black blazer? Remember the A'gaci blazer that I also wore yesterday? Well, I got bored enough motivated and replaced the buttons I hated (on the first two), and the button I was just about to hate (on the last).

Three silver anchor-embellished buttons were sent to grace the denim jacket.

No doubt you'll see pics of it with other things soon enough.

I really wanted the button on this to be pretty. But you won't see this in action till after my thirty days are up. It didn't win a spot in the thirty. Probably because I temporarily forgot about it...

This one will def be reappearing soon. The white button made it like twenty times more awesome. I was NOT liking the navy button that had been on it.

Also, wanna take a peek at my button "box"?


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