Beauty Department-Inspired Hair

I did this based from the tutorial on

We spent like ten minutes of Government class talking about it, which was both amusing and odd, and I got a lot of questions about it. XD It was amusing.


I've seen the idea of posting a list of things that make you happy around, and I really like the idea of it. Considering that I am currently sick and behind on homework, it's nice to be able to pull up things that make you feel positive.

  • nonsensical music (Party Rock Anthem, anyone?)
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (yay!!!)
  • The Hunger Games (Mockingjay, you will complete this...)
  • Lucky Kitties
  • sleeping in
  • hugging my pets
  • laughing with friends and having stupid debates over Teletubbies and politics
I've also discovered I have a weird appreciation for poetry- when read outside English class, that is! I can't stand poetry, generally, when we read it in class and then pick it apart. I'm the same way with books. I've read five books total in all my years of English classes that I actually liked - Ender's Game, The Great Gatsby, The Poisonwood Bible, Brave New World, and The Handmaid's Tale - and I know we've read at least sixty or so since sixth grade. I'm the same way with poetry - the first time we talked about Emily Dickinson's poems, I wasn't able to read the collection I have for a few months without cringing. I'm slowly appreciating other poets and their work, but it's very hard to if we talk about it in English. To quote Confucius: "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."
(I'll get off the soapbox now...sorry).

Other things that makes me happy are
  • shoes!
  • red nails and red lips
  • shiny things
I'd rather end things on a positive note than not, right?

See y'all next week!


I don't have any real material for you...
Just a couple of pictures proving that I have managed to overcome my eyeliner terror in order to get it on my upper lid. (I refuse to put it on my waterline; I know it looks better but it freaks me out).

Almost makes me wish I had the patience/energy to do some makeup in the mornings... But the extra ten minutes of sleep are well worth it.

Oh, and that Hunger Games shirt is from Hot Topic. I've recently become addicted to that series. (I STILL NEED  TO READ MOCKINGJAY). It's my new favorite clothing item, and has inspired me to toy with the idea of attempting to paint the symbol on my bookbag.

Fall Cravings

It doesn't feel like fall in Texas...
Well, okay, it does a little. But not in the way that people think of when they think 'fall'. We've gone from horrible hundreds to decent nineties. It still feels hot, but less than before. That doesn't mean I haven't been getting a bit into the whole fall style thing.
Some things I've been craving in particular, courtesy of polyvore.

fall craving

fall craving by heelhound featuring a shift dress

I am on the hunt for leather leggings. Seriously. I don't even know why! But I have a sweater I adore...and I pictured it with leather leggings...and BAM! instant obsession. Orange and mustard, rust and teal are also flopping through my mind. The lace shorts...I just think it'd be a bit funny to wear them in December, to be honest. Because it's totally viable to do so. The shoe thing is still a hunt.

Two posts in a week! We're getting back there...


Despite not managing a second post last week (fail!) I do have my nails for you. I had fun with them.


I used the "Gold" and "Nude" polishes from Forever 21. I like the F21 polishes because...they're cheap. Yup. I'm pretty simply, there.

When I dredge up the effort to take this polish off and do something else, I might try another pattern of some sort.

What is this Madness?

And by 'this madness', I mean my hair. It's turned into my eyes; nobody agrees on what color it is. I've had everything from black (?) to blonde (???????????????????) It's red. A really dark red that looks brown under certain lighting, but is very definitely red. It's done wonders for convincing me that a lot of people have bad eyesight...

taken at six in the morning...

this is the face of confusion

I've also gotten asked if my hair was purple... The answer is "No. Not yet..." (I do know I ranted about this in my last post too...but I thought I ought to do so a bit more). Still working on getting more pictures of my hair... I really need an outside one, but I'm always inside; school, homework, ballet, everything. Still need to do my senior pictures, I have a college interview with one of the Admissions Directors for my dream school today (eep!), and so much more. I missed school yesterday because I was sick (am sick, if you wanna get technical). Something about living with a small child/little petri dish...

I'm going to attempt to get up at least two posts this week, as I try to get back onto some sort of schedule. And my room is almost done. ;) I can promise an extra-long post all about it when everything is done and in-place.

Guess What My Weekend Entails...

So, I really don't have any new material yet. I have some things kicking around...
Right now, my focus is on the weekend. I'm sure it's a common affliction. I mean, it IS Labor Day soon...
And I actually have plans! Well, sort of. Still awaiting confirmation from my glorified chauffeurs parents (for the record, my father has actually claimed he is less my parents than my personal driver...I think that's a not-so-subtle hint about my needing a license...), but it looks like I'll be going bowling with friends on Saturday, and to the lake on Monday. I'm kind of excited, actually. The lake would be with people from church that I don't see all that often.

The start of school has just been so hectic. I kind of wish I hadn't taken that break while I was in Cali. It would've been hard to balance the posting and having fun, but it might not be so hard to keep everything going right now. But I'll get a grip on this before October, give or take a little. You know, before college applications start taking over my life... Since I'm not doing early decision anywhere, they shouldn't take over my life till around then. At least my mother's limited where I can apply to. Though that may not be a good thing! How hard is it to narrow down to four colleges? The answer, according to me, at least, is: nigh impossible. But enough about college...

Along with all the homework and the seeing friends coming this weekend, I plan on getting some actual "in action" pictures of my hair for you. We'll play a game called "What color is Sue's hair, actually?" Why? Because I've gotten so many different answers! "Brown." "Auburny-reddy-browny-blonde-y." "Red, duh." My mom even thought it was black, for a moment. And I might just be getting my senior picture done. There might also be a motorcycle involved. (There's an idea for my license problem...wait till my eighteenth birthday and go learn how to drive a motorcycle, get a motorcycle license, convince my parents that a motorcycle is an appropriate Christmas/early graduation present... If that'd work, I'd do it right now!)

What are you doing with this glorious long weekend?