Frittatas, Yummy Yummy!

So...I cooked something.
It didn't explode.
It tasted good.
I was very impressed. xD

Recipe is from here. Quick (25 minutes), easy, and TOTALLY DELICIOUS OMNOMNOM.

I took some pictures of the finished products... Nowhere near as nice looking as the originals, but definitely delicious.

So yeah... People should definitely try these. |D


It's Friday again! This week has been a blaze of insanity - last weekend was Homecoming, I missed a day, I've been sleep-deprived, and I've had tons of homework, quizzes, and tests. And next week I'm going to Oregon to look at Reed College, so I have to do all the things!

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What were your favorites, this week?

O the Insanity

I think the only post I'm going to manage getting up this week is Friday's.

Thank you for the sudden spike in everything, life.


The Homecoming Game was last Friday night, and it was fun! Our team won (against our major rival, may I add?) by a huge margin. Absolutely slaughtered the other side. Choir also sang, but I don't think I've got any pictures of us on the field. I did, however, get a few shots of my outfit when I returned home.

Shirt - school | Jeans - ??? | Oxfords - Wet Seal | Necklace - Rue 21 earring-turned pendant, vintage chain | Big ring - Charlotte Russe | Bracelet - thrifted | Purse - the sak

The night was spent stealing acquiring a vuvuzela from the other side, which will soon be wrapped in blue and white duct tape and be my favorite thing ever, wrestling with friends, filming the dance team, wrestling some more, watching fireworks, chasing a kid who made off with my vuvuzela, having the vuvuzela returned, and wrestling some more.

It was awesome.

The dance was the next night, and it was amazing. I didn't take my heels off the whole night (mwahahaha soon I will be invincible! Or something...), and had tons of fun. I'm glad I moved on from the freshman thing of moping because I didn't have a date. I think dances may actually be more fun without a date, because you get to spend all your time with your friends, and don't have to worry about some guy.

Headband - Forever 21 | Dress - Fallas | Heels - some little boutique | Necklace - vintage chain, random pendant | Clutch - Forever 21

Overall, Homecoming was wonderful, and I think it was actually the best one yet. Not the venue, necessarily, but the enjoyment level.
(Also, I forgot where I have to stand in the yard to get my shoes fully in the picture...)


I'm sorry for missing yesterday! Things just got insane, all of a sudden. In all the chaos of homework and college applications and social life, it can be pretty hard to keep a blog. Nevertheless, I love this. <3

In other news, I started the workouts, it's kinda fun, so far.

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Ah, Goals, Achievements - Plans!

Or I could call this "hey, I can't post my costume from yesterday because I may/may not have ruined the dress" but let's not get into that until I find out for sure with it...

In the meantime, I feel like I should tell you that I recently (as in, like, last week) gave up sodas. I've done it a few times before, but my parents will always somehow suck me back into them because I never tell them. Well, I told them this time, but I've been having to remind them - and myself - frequently. It's so hard to change your habits, isn't it?

I'm also going to attempt to start an exercise program found via pinterest. I shouldn't really complain about my weight/body/lack-of-tone if I'm not doing anything for it, so I'm going to actually DO something about it. We'll see how it goes, because I am horrible at following through on exercise things.

If you're curious what this plan is...
From here.
We'll see how I like it after the first twenty days. I'm starting today. c: Wish me luck! (And hope that I can figure out how to rescue that dress...)


My school's Homecoming theme this year is "Amurrca". Well, America, really, but we feel the compulsion to pronounce it George Bush Jr.-style. For four days out of the week, we get to dress with themes. (Thursday is dress uniform for Eucharist...did you know it was disrespectful to God to not wear ugly plaid jumpers to church/chapel? That's your How-God-Works-At-Christian-Schools for the day...) I won't be participating on Wednesday, because I didn't have the cash flow to buy one ($15 for a t-shirt, seriously!? It's grey and the only silkscreening is our school name and an American flag on the back...). However, I'm totally posting the other days.

Yesterday's theme was "Red, White, and Blue". I went without any white because my white shoes are either house shoes or mega-uncomfortable. Oh, and this leather jacket is one of two items I bought at discount store Fallas this past weekend. You'll see the other soon. ;)

Jacket - Fallas | Cami - DEB | Jeans - ??? | Heels - Payless


And have a clip from the larger versions of these pictures of the Texas sky. Yes, it's really that blue.

And a teaser for today's outfit, which you'll see in full tomorrow.

The theme is East, and I'm going as someone known for a bit of a darker shade of this...

Slow, Kids at Play

Well, okay, I only count as a kid for another thirty-four days, but that really isn't the point here.

I've been on a beauty kick of late, playing around with various makeups. I've gone from having so little makeup I had no need to corral it to actually having to buy something to keep it in. (Something that I'm somehow outgrowing...). I even just (yesterday) signed up for Birchbox, which sends makeup samples and stuff to your house. But my nailpolish collection is what's really has my ability to actually paint my nails.

Peacekeeper Paint Me Nonviolent.

Sally Girl, some color I can't find the name of.

I recently got this Peacekeeper nail polish on sale at Sprouts for $2.97. That name is a guess off the colors on the site, since it didn't say the name. It's pretty smooth, but I'm thinking it'd be better with a topcoat that isn't super old. I have been using one that's like five years old... Anyhow, this was a totally simple nail except on the thumb. I'm not sure why I picked the thumb for accent nail, but I didn't want to do it on my ring finger for some reason. Oh well! I'll be special.


Happy Friday y'all!

From here. I'm a super-huge Harry Potter fan, only saw the last movie LAST WEEKEND, and I've kind of been in depression mode ever since. ;-;

From here. I would love to do this sooo much.

From here. I'm in lust with these satchels, I just want a billion of them.

From here. This is just...stunning.

From tumblr, somewhere. I just want to be Emma Watson for a day...

The source doesn't work, but it came from tumblr.
I'd love it if my hair looked like this...but regardless of wishing, this is just beautiful.

From here. A very true sentiment.

From here. These are the cutest. I want like a million of them.

From here. I get so hungry looking at them.

From here. I think I'll be trying to get my hands on some of these.

What have you loved this week?