Cowboy Boots and Chairs

So if you've looked at my twitter feed recently you might have noticed my grandiose revelation that I don't need to post all the time. I think that's relieved about fifty percent of the stress I've been under lately! (The other approximately fifty percent is made up of the AP Government Exam, prom, the AP Government Exam, the AP English Exam, graduation, finding a roommate for my dorm room, trying to find a paying job...okay maybe I only got rid of like ten percent of my stress, but still!) Basically, it means I stop spending time feeling bad about not posting "on time" and just post when I feel like it. Pressure goes off, and enjoyment kicks in.

Anyhow, let's just show off some assorted outfits and what I wore them to, shall we? I've got a lot of outfits to post (not all today, or even this week... I'm contending posting with exams and job-hunting). Expect them randomly~!

First up, what I wore to two different graduation parties!

Dress - F21 | Sunnies - R21 | Heels - Blanco | Luxor Ring - JewelMint |

Manicures and Music

They may offer you fortune and fame/
Love and money and instant acclaim/
But whatever they offer you/
Please whatever they offer you/
Don't feed the plants/
Don't feed the plaaaaaaaaaaaaants~

My nails this past week were entirely inspired by Little Shop of Horrors, and our wonderful, lovely little plant (wish I had pictures of it...)

Nyx "Neon Yellow" and Color Club "Age of Aquarius".
This time, it was insanely hard to get a decent picture of my nails. I don't honestly know why. Oh well! It was really fun. :>

And of course, the song I typed some of the lyrics from...

Best Dressed: Academy of Country Music Awards

I typically adore peering at snaps from the red carpet and ooh-ing over the gorgeous dresses and shoes. Buuuut this awards show, the clothes just didn't do it very well. I honestly could only find three dresses I liked, period. Or rather, I liked most of the dresses, I just thought they were all wrong for the people wearing them. Oh well! I guess this made it easier to compile a best dressed list, right?

Carrie Underwood was basically perfect. Definitely the best dressed at the whole event, though I can't say I'm such a fan of the Angelina look. At least she isn't doing the leg thrust - it looks like the dress just falls that way.