30 for 30 Challenge: Day Eleven and Day Twelve

Sorry for no posts yesterday! I didn't have time to do more than take pictures the day before, or for most of yesterday. Sigh. At least I have a good excuse for why I couldn't get anything done yesterday.

Poor puppy had to have shots so she can stay at Petsmart while we go to Cali. Don't feel sorry for her, though. She hates cars, and hates city areas.

Also, guys, I'm an idiot. I seriously should not have been shopping last weekend...I shoulda been shopping this weekend! -facepalm- How could I forget about fourth of july sales? Well, live and learn, but still. Totally facepalm worthy.

Dress - Forever 21 | Shoes - Image

This dress is far too comfy. So are the shoes.

Tank - Wet Seal | Shorts - H&M | Flip-flops - Forever 21

Admittedly, this was more of a 'I'm stuck in the horrible heat of Texas let's try not to die' outfit. Because I was outside quite a bit of the day, with the puppy.

Hopefully my posts tomorrow will actually get up on time. This one would have been done last night, had Blogger not somehow scrambled its brains and died on me. :<

Welcome to the Disaster

...or, as I call it, my bedroom. There are no before pictures, because I don't think anyone wants to see them.

First up, handling the shoes that had been starting to spill off the edges of my shoe racks. Solution? Pretty-ify a shoe box and stick it to the wall, stuff flats in. Hopefully I'll find a sturdier solution later, but for now, I'm not handling an avalanche of shoes.

Then, handling jewelry for each day (since I'm, y'know, trying to wear it). I tacked an old jewelry box to the wall (jee, I like these things...) to dump it in.

My next task included cleaning the area around and under my couch and work table, during which I rediscovered several magazines and an old binder taken from the trash at my mom's old job (who throws out a perfectly good enormous binder like this?? WHO?). Rediscovering old drawings of mine was fun, but the slightly over-sized untouched paper within sparked the idea of gluing on pictures of inspiration to me. From those magazines, of course. (I also discovered my new long-haired favorite. Jane Seymour is amazingly gorgeous!)

And some weird folding produced a paper clutch-thing? I have NO clue what to do with it. But I did glue a lock shaped button onto it. I'll...figure something out.

And more things're going to get finished up too, soon. ;)

30 for 30 Challenge: Day Ten

It's nice to have a day where I can relax. Yesterday was not that kind of day. Instead, I spent it cleaning up my disaster area of a room. You can see patches of floor now. I also started on my "inspiration board" (the tangible version, that is - I think Pinterest is the internet version of that). It's more of an "inspiration binder", though. More on that in another post of my current organizational "triumphs". (Is it just me, or do you discover that moving from a small room to a big one suddenly means you discover you have fifty times the clutter you used to?)

Button-up - La Luna Loca | Shorts - Wet Seal | Flip-flops - Forever 21 | Watch & plastic bracelet - Rue21 | other bracelet - Earthbound Trading Co.

It survived a ton of dust and some rooting around beneath my bed.

30 for 30 Challenge: Day Eight and Day Nine

I'm slow! I have a lot of excuses...like sheer exhaustion. For Day Eight, I was basically as lazy as I could go without breaking the challenge and throwing on sweatpants.

T-shirt - school-ish | Shorts- H&M | Flip-flops - Forever 21

Yup. Laaaaazy day.

Then, Sunday, yesterday, Day Nine, I had church. So I sort of dressed up. For the record, those pants were swapped in for a skirt that happened to suddenly be too big on me. The downside of losing weight is that things start being too big. On the other hand, that's not necessarily a bad thing...

Oxford - school uniform | Tank - A'gaci | Pants/legging-things - Forever 21 | Boots - Rue21 | Cocktail Ring -
Charlotte Russe | Turquoise bracelets - Forever 21 | wood bangle - gifted | woven bracelet - school

That oxford is crazy huge on me. Needless to say, I don't wear it as part of my uniform anymore.

Yeah, I put on make-up today. I even got eyeliner on my upper lids! (This is a big accomplishment for me, as I am terrified of eyeliner, because it is a poky thing right near my eye D= )

I Have NO Self-Control

So, remember how I wasn't going to be shopping during the thirty day challenge? Yeah. Making that decision in the middle of summer with everyone having sales was not the smartest or sanest thing I've ever done. Especially not with the fact I seem to wind up at the mall a lot...

At least some of the items will be used a lot...

First thing I found was at The Limited. This sweater was, at one point, $59.90. I got it for, with tax, $7.56. And it's super comfy and seems like it'll be good not only for cold weather, but also for warm weather. It's wonderfully soft, too.

Then, from Gap, tights and socks. Those socks are going to be the kind of thing I wear to annoy the people in charge of our school's dress code, because they can't make me get rid of them because we have no rules on socks, but that they hate because they're expressive and not just black/navy/white. Yeah, I hate my school's dress code. Skirts have to be four inches above the knee - I mean, really!


Then I hit up Body Central (I had never heard of them before this trip, actually) and found a purse/clutch/thing and a lovely floral skirt.

Look at how it folds and stuff! I am in love! And the skirt and purse were each $6.99...LOVE.

Then there was the visit to Image, which evidently lacks a website... I came out with a pair of shoes I have been hunting for for a while.

Espradilles! I think my mom thinks they look like old lady shoes, but hey, if they're old lady shoes, being an old lady involves really comfy shoes. :>

Then there was Earthbound, of course, where I found a gorgeous fan for my collection (I have a fan addiction guys; not as serious as my shoe addiction - yet), and got a little bracelet.

Bath and Body Works had a sale going, so I stopped by to see what was left - it'd been on for quite a while. All I could get was a lip gloss I liked the sound of (my mother is allergic to anything scented, so no perfumes or scented anything :< ).

Sugared Macaroon. Yum.

And last, Rue21 still has their sales going. No, I did not buy any more shoes (I thought about it...) I just got a watch (trust me, I needed another besides my purple one...that one kind of annoys me, sadly), and a Sheen-inspired bracelet. "Powered by Tiger's Blood". It's my third favorite weird quote from the guy.

sigh. Anyone have willpower tips? Besides just avoiding the mall?

30 for 30 Challenge: Day Seven - VBS is OOOOOOVER

Maybe it's kind of mean, but inside, I am dying of relief that VBS is through. I mean, I love children. I especially love them when they are their parents' responsibility and not mine. I'm also enjoying the ability to sleep in tomorrow.

Dress, Belt, Bracelets - Forever 21 | Gladiator Sandals - Payless | Purse (outside) - gifted | Purse (inside and unseen) - A'gaci


I did wind up in my "uniform" of lime green shirt and jean-shorts in the evening, for closing ceremony. Also, went grocery shopping with the parents today. We went to this awesome asian supermarket we usually only get to once a year (sadness! I'd love to live there, I think. It's so lovely (did you know supermarket could be lovely? Well. This one is!) and I adore the music and the people and the stuff...all it lacks in order to be perfect is a giant shoe store!). Obviously, I enjoyed myself.

I'll invent a viable outfit when I wake up tomorrow. Hopefully at two in the afternoon. And then I'll try to get to some other posts I haven't had the energy for, that aren't outfit centric.

Before I go to bed, I leave you with this tip: if you have a purse that, for some reason, just doesn't work at all with the rest of your outfit, but you don't want to swap the contents of your purse out/don't have the time to do so, and the first purse is smaller than the second, just stuff it inside. Though you can't see it, my little red purse is stuffed inside my black one.

Any interesting tips or fun stuff you've gotten to do?

30 for 30 Challenge: Day Six

Oh thank goodness! Just one more day of VBS and I'll be done. I could melt right now. I was melting, earlier, up in our castle. Texas remembered it's supposed to be hot. Eww, bad Texas. We like it cool!

After the last day of scraping my legs up on splintery wood, I still probably should have worn something that actually covered my legs, but I'm going to be home all night, so who cares?

Jacket - thrifted | Shirt - DEB | Skirt - I don't remember | Flats - Wet Seal | Bracelet - gifted | Earrings - gifted

It's surprisingly comfortable. Want the skirts background? I don't know where it came from, but it used to have a flowery, sheer overskirt. Which was slowly ripping out of the elastic waistband. One day, I ripped it all the way out, and this thing happened to look awesome solo. It also functions as a (really) short mini dress if I hike it onto my chest and belt it.

In the meantime, I'm compiling a short shopping list of things I need once payday (aka Saturday) rolls around. Only a few items seem to be clothing, and they're mostly serious 'basic' pieces that I somehow don't have. Am also working on attempting to reinvent that denim skirt from yesterday. So far, I've removed the belt loops. I'm considering dying it, though I don't know how well that'd work, but at least things might be in the same color family. I'm thinking black, personally. Any ideas?