Mall Crawl Haul

...resisting poet jokes right now, so bear with me.

The awesome thing about the VBS I'm getting my required-for-graduating-community-service-hours done at is that it is right near the one mall in my area that has all the stores I like. Now, I spent roughly half my money for the month at the thrift stores (I got a lot more from them than I did from the mall, certainly), but that didn't mean I didn't have quite a bit left. My deal with malls is that the only things I will ever buy full price are either already very cheap or shoes. It's a matter of stretching my money, since even right now, I'm just trying to pull out a wardrobe that will work for me. Which basically means I tend to go for fairly basic items that I can use in a variety of ways.

But let's examine what I got, hmm?


The booties and this eyeliner pencil hail from Rue21, which not so long ago moved into that particular mall. I'd never had the opportunity to get in there before, so I took the time - primarily because they were having a sale, admittedly - and fell in love. EACH PAIR OF BOOTieS WAS FIVE DOLLARS OKAY. My shoe diet isn't even partially on anymore, is it? Didn't think so. The eyeliner is also rather less scary than the other three I own but can't stand to use. Meaning I can get it onto my top lash line but can't go near my bottom one. Best out of two, I guess! xD

I bought both of these from Earthbound Trading Co. The feathers hit me right after a day spent working around girls who were under thirteen and had them in their hair. I've seen them everywhere for so long. Can't afford the actual things, but definitely can afford these clip-ins. And I can remove them when I want to! ;D The pin is for either my backpack, which I am so sticking full of things like this next year, or some sort of tote bag, since I need/want one a ton. If I get the pins, maybe I'll get the motivation to get one, y'know?

The tank comes from Wet Seal. They had it on clearance for two dollars, and I may have squealed upon realizing it wasn't see-through like all the others on that rack. I can always use tank tops.
Long story behind this thing. I first saw it back when I got the gorge red purse at A'gaci. It was on the sale racks, price part of the tag ripped off. I couldn't afford it then, so figured I wouldn't be seeing this in my closet anytime soon. Then, forward to yesterday, creeping through A'gaci's sale racks...and there it was, still. So much happiness!

I'm not sure what I'll do first next payday; thrifting or the mall. We'll just see when we get there.

Found anything awesome or discovered any ~new~ places at your mall lately?


  1. That's awesome - I too love finding things on super-clearance-sale, and I totally would snatch up shoes for $5... also, what is it with fast-fashion tank tops being so see-through? I've noticed it with H&M tops, too!

    Thanks for your comment!

  2. @poet
    It was definitely worth it. And I have NO CLUE. It drives me up the wall though! You have to try on practically every single tank to make sure it isn't see-through, because it varies between colors even. I wish they'd stop doing it!


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