Gosh, I'm slow

Urgh, this is late! May I make my excuse be finals week, a tornado, and a few baseball games? Yeah; saying last week was exciting is like saying a blizzard is mildly chilly - understatement. Let's review, shall we? My last post was on the nineteenth, and the day after was robing, the day following was graduation. Had I not been distracted by my quasi-little brother's baseball game, I would have had the time to pose for a few pictures in my graduation outfit. As it was...I never had time to do a graduation photoshoot. On the other hand, I can so vouch that it's a look that will show up again. The dress and heels are fabulous together (even if prolonged wear of the heels leaves me with feet that are in pure agony!) and I love them together. However, I do have pictures of my robing outfit, and my baseball-going outfit (with green to support his team, of course!).



For Robing, I wore: Dress - Forever 21 | Shoes - Payless | Necklace - Gift | Rings - Class Rings | Bracelets - Forever 21



To the baseball game, I wore: Shirt - La Luna Loca (some boutique in Portland, OR) | Tank (beneath) - DEB (I think...) | Jeans - so old I've forgotten | Sandals - Payless | Top necklace - Forever 21 | Bottom necklace - thrifted

I'm considering slapping back on my graduation outfit, now that I have some time, and doing a shoot with that. We'll see what I do, now that I have limitless* free time!
* - impinged upon only by need to sleep and eat and go shopping and lasting until Cali trip in July


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