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This past week, I attended Rush events for Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional fraternity at my university, as well as the Career Fair, and barely ate at the dining hall because I usually wasn't back until after it closed (and I like Chipotle too much and skip breakfast, but those are different things...) It was a good week, though, overall! This upcoming week is going to be incredibly busy as well, but only because of a LOT of work...well, and an event for one of my clubs.

Monday saw the first Rush event, which was pizza and socialization. It was pretty fun, and convinced me to go to the rest of the events. I'm still figuring out how to wear the shirt I wore there, but overall, I think I liked this look...


Top - vintage | Skirt - I don't know | Leggings - Target | Shoes - F21 | Scarf - The Meadows Museum

Tuesday was pretty much just classes and homework, but featured what was probably my wildest look of the week. Given that I'm normally a fairly conservative dresser, I'm still deciding how I feel about these pants. I love them, but I get very self-conscious when I wear them, and especially when pastels become involved, not to mention the doubled-up detail on the back.

Shirt/vest/shoes - F21 | Pants - Wet Seal | Necklace - thrifted

Wednesday was the second Rush event, a resumé review. I forgot the actual purpose of the event, somehow, and left mine at home, so I had to frantically print one off from my e-mail, and let's just say it was a lot worse than my legitimate one. The upside of the day was that it was the first time I wore these pants (and this shirt).

Blazer/pants - thrifted | Shirt - present | Shoes - F21

Thursday was the Career Fair and the final Rush event, a presentation by speakers from Key Bank (with pizza). Speaking to people potentially looking to hire you, even just introducing yourself, turns out to be one of the things that very distinctly is capable of stressing me out. Still, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was, so maybe in a year or two I'll be able to introduce myself without apologizing for my awkwardness (which isn't a good idea to do, either, by the way, I don't think...) It was interesting, and I think it was good for me to do, regardless of what happens with it. (I wasn't going to post this side-view, either, when I realized how bad it was, and that I didn't have time to reshoot, but it's grown on me  because it amuses me).


Blazer - thrifted | Shirt - Mom's | Skirt - Charlotte Russe | Tights - Target | Shoes - Shiekh Shoes | Headband/purse - F21

Friday was...eventful enough. It wasn't a fun day, but I got through it. Saturday was okay - D&D happened, I went to lunch with Ally's parents since they were in town for a memorial that happened on Friday, and I started what turned out to be a marathon 10-hour job application. (It was that long only because I churned out monster essays and then found out about the character limit and had to do serious condensing...) It was somewhat entertaining, though.

Sweater/shirt/pants/shoes - F21

This past week was stressful, yes, but it was also fun, and I hope this following week will be fun as well, for me, and for you guys!


  1. Your outfits look great. My favorite is the skirt with the scarf. It sounds like you had a very busy week. I hope this week is more calm.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    1. Thank you! I certainly did, and I don't think it will be. Next week is VERY calm, though, so I'm excited to get some time where I'm not constantly in motion.


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