Happy Monday!

We finally got rid of the box altar in our room, this weekend. Well, kind of. It's in the other window now, and unless you're really far into the room, you can't see it because my wardrobe blocks it. So that's pretty much the same thing as getting rid of it, as far as dorms go, right?

I've got a busy week ahead of me. I'm potentially rushing for the business fraternity on campus (first event is tonight and I'll be deciding whether or not to continue based off of that), I have a bunch of events for the organization I'm Co-PR Chair for (well, one, but I need to put up tons of flyers and stuff for an event so I count it as a lot of events shhh), some other sundry events, a presentation, a book and the equivalent of a full book in chapters and readings from other classes, a test on Friday and two tests next week to study for, a memorial service to go to, and other things I'm also forgetting. (Oh, right, multiple job applications are due...) And the Career Fair. I think I'm done listing things. Maybe.

Last week was a lot lower-stress, I think. I couldn't tell you for sure, though, because it's been terribly, well, routine, lately. I do literally the exact same thing every week, with the only variation being my clothing choices, the locations I've got clawmarks in, and what we learn in class. I'm so tired of it already, and it's only February. I'm really hoping to come up with some ways to make my life more interesting, because I hate being bored, and being bored makes me hate my location, and I don't want to hate Case. This would happen anywhere, and I just need to figure out what it takes to make my life move again.

Last Monday, I was fairly dressy, for a snowy day...

Vest - thrifted | Top/pants/headband - F21 | Boots - Charlotte Russe | Socks - Payless

Tuesday was oddly (and nicely!) warm, so I got away with a lot less coverage than usual.


Shirt/skirt/headband/boots - F21 | Bustier - Charlotte Russe | Tights - Target

Wednesday and Thursday were fairly dull, though I believe I decided to change my part on Thursday? I don't even know what I wore either of those days, honestly.

Friday was also uneventful, other than being really tired all day, but I wore a fun outfit, so I couldn't really complain much.

Dress - Body Central | Leggings - Target | Boots - F21 | Necklace - present

Saturday was uneventful until the fire alarm went off at 4:00 AM on Sunday (which still counts as Saturday because I wasn't asleep yet...) A drunk person on our floor decided to pull all his clothes off before going outside (naturally!) so we got some interesting photos while thanking everything he kept his underwear on...


Shirt - Nordstrom's? | Pants/boots - F21 | Socks - Hot Topic

Sunday was the day I was highly productive and also ate Chipotle twice in one day, like a boss. Yeah... My floormates got me addicted, and I'm not sure how it happened.


Shirt - Nordstrom's? | Vest - thrifted | Pants/boots - F21 | Socks - Hot Topic

Hopefully you had a lovely week this week and will have a lovely week this week!


  1. Cute looks! My fave is definitely Tuesday!


    1. Thank you! It was definitely mine too. I haven't been lucky enough to have many opportunities to mess around with clothing this semester so far, because it's too cold, so it was nice.

  2. Love the boots! Cute outfits!



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