Not all my favorites are from Pinterest, but I did certainly use it exclusively. It's such an easy method to keep things together, isn't it? Goodness, even this go-around, most of my favorite things will be saved on Pinterest, simply because I occasionally forget about them otherwise. Oh well.

I've had a busy week - discovered I like Chipotle (how do you even pronounce the name? My friends say "Chip-olt-lay" and I don't understand where the first "l" sound comes from...), dealt with customer service somewhere on my own without my parents (for someone who gets extremely anxious about anything that has even the slightest potential to put her in conflict with someone else, this is impressive), learned to use Photoshop in one night (thank you Google), received a "pet" dinosaur in class, and decided what my first and second tattoos will be - and where - though I won't be getting them for a while), and cemented the fact that I'm pretty nerdy by buying my first pair of D&D dice.

I love this shoe, and I want it. Desperately.
This is so breathtaking.

I found this song first on tumblr, and it's fantastic. I wish it had been kept in the movie!

Nykhor Paul, a NYC model. Isn't she gorgeous!?

I've gotten much more conscious about how to decorate, now that I'm adjusting to small spaces again. I never want to live in a large room ever again, not even for a walk-in closet. I can decorate and make small spaces look nice, and I like living in them. I just flop about, baffled, in a big room, wondering how I'm supposed to live in that space, and I feel uncomfortable, something that shows up in the rest of my life. Isn't it handy for me that small spaces most people think of as claustrophobic are likely to be very easy for me to find when I move out of dorms into some big city? (I'm sorry to all the people who hate small spaces, by the way). These are just some things I'm going to keep in mind as I gear up for moving into sophomore housing.

Finally, my dice.
Aren't they gorgeous!? I am absolutely in love with them, and so are the other girls I play D&D with (the boys don't actually care, other than "cool, we don't have to split one set between six people now", but they'll be just as ridiculously over the moon as I am once their sets come in).

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I want that evening gown. It is truly breathtaking but I would have no were to wear it.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  2. Beautiful pictures my dear! your blog is so lovely!:)
    we can follow each other if you want :)
    xoxo Gloria


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