...it's the day of love

Somehow, despite commenting on countless Valentine's Day posts, responding to texts, and watching my friend scrawl it out on the whiteboard, it didn't hit me that it was Valentine's Day until I came home (from an awesome walk in Cleveland's wind and rain - and no, that is NOT sarcasm, I think this is my favorite weather that we've had and am absolutely thrilled) and found my floor's PDA-machine on the couch watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, one of them dressed all in red, pink, and hearts. At least I got red on today, I guess?

In the spirit of "I completely forgot about this despite having it on my mind the entire day in some form and I'm blaming it on my tests and dozens of things I have to do", and inspired by my roommate's facebook post to her fiancé, I'll present you guys with a list of things/people I love.

I've always disliked Valentine's Day, because the premise has always, to me, seemed to be about valuing something other people had as more desirable than what other people had, and so I just haven't liked it. However, it occurred to me a while ago, what if I just treated it kind of like Thanksgiving 2.0 and used it as an opportunity to celebrate everything I love, not just whoever I might be contemplating a relationship with? I think I'd rather do that than celebrate just one possible aspect of my life.

And in honor of #6, may I offer a few of my favorite songs?

(Do realize that when the music stops, it stops. Dunno why there are two minutes of silence on here).

What are some things you love?

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