I know, I know, I should've done this YESTERDAY. Unfortunately, I knew I needed to save a quick and easy post for today because I had too much to get done yesterday. Still, might as well talk about the Grammy's, because some of the clothes were absolutely fabulous. (Actually, most of them were - I think there were one or two dresses I saw where I just marveled at their existence, but hey, there were fewer "...why?"s than when I go to Forever21 and find completely sheer dress after completely sheer dress - I love F21, but man, why so much sheer?)

My favorite looks of the night were definitely Rihanna, Janelle Monae, and Taylor Swift. They just nailed everything about their looks. That said, we're not going to talk about Taylor Swift's childish jab at her ex during her performance. If I ever feel like discussing my extremely complicated feelings about Taylor Swift, though, I'll give it to you in a post, promise. In the meantime, the clothes!

The red is absolutely gorgeous, and the sheer on this dress works well without being too much or awkward.

Can I just say that women in really pretty menswear-inspired stuff are one of my biggest weaknesses? I pretty much just quietly observe Janelle Monae's fashion and grin like an idiot every time I see something like this. Absolutely gorgeous.

I don't know how long I have to see Taylor Swift wearing white, plunging neckline dresses before I'll be bored, but it hasn't happened yet. I was a little "meh" about the silver accents at first, but they've been growing on me since.

Who were your favorites?


  1. Wow i LOVE their dresses! they all look stunning!

  2. I totally agree with you about your picks for the grammy fashion. I thought Rihanna looked so beautiful and the dress was the perfect color on her.



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