it's Friday!!!!!

This has been a very interesting week, and a lot of things I didn't anticipate kind of just...happened, or popped up randomly. We've been spending a lot of time deciding our living situations for next semester, and my roommate agreed to share a room next year, and I think we've almost got our entire suite together. Just gotta figure out one more dude so we get to keep our suite as a co-ed one... Overall, though, this has been a good week. There've been plenty of things to keep me occupied, most of them fun. Next week currently looks calmer, but after the way everything snowballed (heh, our dance is called Snowball... sorry, excuse me) this past week, I'm not going to really trust it to stay that way. I have something Tuesday and something Wednesday and that's it, to the best of my knowledge. I could use a calm week, I think.

My favorite things for the week are below. (And not a one of them is the blasted game my floormates have been playing non-stop for the past four days I'm so tired of listening to the noises from it).

if you have a source, lemme know please!
I love the way these dreads look on her, and the way her face is angled. Overall, it's a really cool picture, though no one really seems to know where it's from.
thank you to tumblr's creativity!

Who else who's seen my pictures from senior year thinks I totally could have used this back then? Yeah, I do too. It looks extremely useful. Not that anything could help when I didn't straighten my bangs, but still.

Just...don't mind me. I'm going to sit here and drool over this gorgeous piece of clothing.

Also, remember the post at the beginning of this week? Well, since the shirt was from Kohl's, I received an e-mail about it. I didn't think that linking would be particularly relevant, since the shirt is like six years old, but hey, apparently that's a good thing to do with all your clothes. The more you know. As a refresher, this is the outfit:

Now, why would this be a favorite? Simple: there's a discount code in it for you guys! From now (apparently it started on January 11th) until March 9th, if you use the code TENFORBLOG on Kohl's website, you get 10% off. It can also be used to stack savings with another department level code, which is pretty sweet, since it always sucks when you have multiple discounts somewhere but can't use them together. Pretty sure that's a good enough reason to be a favorite, don't you?

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  1. Thanks for the discount code - can never save too much :)

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