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Today's just being one of those days. I'm sure you're familiar with them - the days where you didn't think you had too much to get through, but suddenly you remember everything you haven't done yet, but need to get done ASAP. Tests, multiple books, cleaning, a few projects I swore up and down that I'd finish within the first week of school... Oh yes, it's been a day, and I haven't even taken today's test yet.

To tide you over till tomorrow's post of favorites, have a sneak peek of something I want to show off next week!

On a side-note, do you know how awkward it can be when teachers notice that you're drawing in class? I take notes constantly, but sometimes there's something boring going on that doesn't require me to pay attention, so I start on this stuff, and then... Well, my Arabic teacher's decided that my two commuter student friends and I should collaborate on drawing stuff - one of them draws lots of her characters, I draw clothes (and characters, but he hasn't noticed those yet), and the other draws patterns. Maybe we'll make him happy and do something with that for our final skit. My Accounting teacher also noticed on Tuesday, and interrupted her lecture to ask if I watch Project Runway. I think I'm supposed to start, now, so I guess I know my Spring Break plans...

And just you're also having a "day", I leave you with this masterpiece to brighten your day.


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