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Considering that I recently rushed a business fraternity, it's probably not surprising that I've had business professional on the brain lately. For example, I have this lovely dark purple sleeveless shirtdress with fancy gold embellishments on the collar. What on earth do I wear with it? How do I make it wintery? (Well, the answer to the latter will show up next week because I kind of managed that today...) Or, how do I manage to incorporate brown? (...I should wear something not-black). Or just trying to come up with more variety in general, things I can wear both in professional settings and just around. Soooo I've been ogling things online, naturally.

Things I'd really like to incorporate into my wardrobe: dressier shirts, peplums - I hated them till a while ago, when I realized that I'd worn them before and liked them, and then I just went "...oh, I'm an idiot" at myself, fancier pants (ie: not jeans), and more color. Also, I really want a necklace watch, because I can't stand having one on my wrist. Plus, they just look so fancy.

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  1. Supe cute picks! Loving the peplum top!


  2. These items are so beautiful. I would love to have that gold skirt and those purple loafers. I have been looking for stylish comfortable shoes.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    1. Those loafers ARE so comfortable! They come in gold glitter too, which I bought a while back at Target, and then one of the bloggers I follow picked up a pair too and someone gave her the link to buy them on the site, and I've been debating getting them in burgundy ever since. They're literally some of the best shoes I have, especially since flat shoes are the only practical shoes when your campus is almost two miles from tip to tip.



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