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The past few weeks have just been a series of "Do you feel bad? LET'S MAKE IT WORSE! YAYYYYY!" moments - norovirus, realizing I have multiple tests quickly approaching, getting a cold, and being so tired from said cold that it's been a bit of a struggle to keep everything going - but there have been some really nice moments interspersed, such as recently, the arrival of some shoes I'd ordered online. One of my floormates told me about them while she was showing off the new shoes she had acquired over break, and I found myself rather smitten with both the shoes and prices on Shiekh Shoes. After far too much time spent browsing, I ordered two pairs of shoes and waited.

There were some minor problems for me in the billing process - if you order from Shiekh Shoes, and your billing and shipping address are different (ie: you attend college in a different state than your home, so the address attached to a card is different from where you want the shoes shipped) then you either pay through PayPal or need to send in some form of ID or a bill with your name and the billing address on it as verification that it's not identity theft. I was a little surprised by that, but I dealt with it accordingly, and once that was handled, they shipped and got here on time.

The shoes are very lovely, comfortable, and look exactly like I thought they would, so I've been pretty happy with them. Now if the weather could just give me a short skirts kind of day this weekend, I'd be perfectly happy, because the weekends are the only time I'm not walking enough to be able to wear heels and be comfortable. I can wear heels while walking to class, it's just inadvisable to do so, given the mile-long walk with uneven ground. (Okay, to be fair, I'm down from four miles a day to about two/two and a half, but still).

I ordered the following pairs of heels, so look for them in future posts (when there's not slush on the ground, I mean...)
found here

found here

I love both of these pairs of shoes and can't wait to actually wear them.


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