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I have Part of Your World stuck in my head today. No judging, 'kay? (I should actually watch that movie again sometime...) It's already been an eventful week, this one, and getting more eventful by the moment. Naturally, I chose the semester with the heavier course load to get really involved in campus life. Not that 16 hours is that heavy a course load, but still, it's heavier than what I did last semester. Last week was, of course, busy too, but it was definitely enjoyable, just like this one's been. I think I actually enjoy this "constantly doing stuff" thing a bit.

Some of my outfits from last week...

Monday, I had to be professional for stuff, so I ran around doing stuff in a sweater dress, because I figured being professional didn't come at the expense of being warm.

Dress - Body Central | Pants - F21 | Boots - E's Closet Boutique | Necklace - thrifted

Tuesday or Wednesday, not sure which, saw me messing around with my outfits a little. Tuesday, I didn't have anything going on, and I had pledge class on Wednesday. I don't really know which day I was actually interesting on, alas.

(also look at that FACE in the third picture there... What was I doing? We don't know!)
Shirt - JC Penney's | Dress (as skirt) - F21 | Belt - Papaya | Tights - Target

Thursday, I went out to pizza with all the people in the fraternity I'm pledging, and it was awesome! (Except for the part where I forgot that the next day was the day I got money back on my card... That wasn't so awesome, but apparently you're allowed to be a bit clueless as a freshman). I really wanted to try the whole peplum thing but without any commitment to a piece, so I paired a similarly colored top and skirt (a heavily rolled one) to create a fake one. Not exactly sure I'm sold on it for myself...

Shirt/pants - F21 | Skirt (as part of shirt) - idk it's like ten years old guys | Hair clip - Albertson's???

Friday, I had Snow Ball. Before that, though, I wound up going, after classes, on a really long and really cold walk all around University Circle. It almost was all of campus, but I decided I was hungry. This was also the night I ate at both Panera and Chipotle within an hour of each other. I swore I was going to get the Chipotle and save it to eat till after Snow Ball, buuuut then I ate it anyhow. Seriously, I've got an addiction, and it's bad.

Shirt - Deb | Sweater - mom bought it from somewhere? probably Dillard's | Pants - F21

I wound up failing to acquire full-length pictures of myself at/for Snow Ball (boo! bad self), but I have a partial one, cropped for my friends' privacy:

That was a very fun night, and I danced like crazy. Unfortunately, I also unintentionally went en pointe while shoeless (and really you shouldn't try it in anything but proper pointe shoes but look who's an idiot here...) and jammed a toe. I'm probably lucky that that's all I did... I spent the rest of the past four days dealing with that, and the ankle I rolled at one point on my walk home. Ah well, stuff happens!


  1. I really love the second outfit here! Such a cute skirt and I'm a sucker for colored tights :)

    Also... HELLO BOMBSHELL! Looking amazing in that dress!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! I love that dress, and colored tights are so much fun! And yeah, that dress does amazing things for me. Thank you!


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