E's Clothing Boutique

In my last post you might have noticed some shoes that haven't been seen on my blog before. That would be because they're brand new. My old black boots from Charlotte Russe finally died, which...makes sense, since they were probably never meant for serious amounts of walking I do. (I don't think anything except hiking and combat boots are, but that's probably a different discussion). Regardless, once those died, I was splitting my shoe-wearing between just two pairs of booties, and realized I needed some taller boots, and also needed to do a better job of rotating between shoes, in order to keep them around in the best condition possible for the longest amount of time. I'd spotted these shoes on a store I found through Pinterest a while back, and, well, I decided to nab them.


The site in question is E's Closet Boutique, and as far as shoes go, they're pretty bloody good. I'm in love with the color and that little gold detail, and the overall fit of the shoe. The only problems I think I have are that I didn't realize just how narrow the end of the foot is, and that my big calves had just a little bit of trouble with the size of the shaft at first. Overall though, it's absolutely lovely, and fitting a bit snug is definitely not a bad thing. We'll see how it looks as they age - considering how hard I am on everything I own, it'll be quite interesting.

Overall, I definitely plan to order from E's again. They were pretty fast, and I definitely like the overall product. Maybe next time I order, I'll try some of their clothes - they're pretty cute, after all!


  1. Those boots are beautiful. Lately (well the last few years) I have really been into brown boots.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    1. They are! I've never really been into brown anything - I tend to wear strictly black, honestly - but I'm starting to wear it now, and brown boots are definitely the coolest.


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