I Can't Believe

It's Wednesday, and I have a final tomorrow, and I'm actually writing this on Tuesday, at which point I haven't yet done any studying or started work on either of my ten-page papers yet. I'll be a good student eventually, maybe?

Anyhow, onto this topic... (Have I ever mentioned how happy I am that link-ups are a thing? Cuz I truly am...)

I can't believe...that it's finals time already. Seriously, where did this semester and year go? It's so strange and crazy and weird. I've done so many things this year that I never expected to do or to be able to do, and life looks like it might keep going that way. I don't think I can explain how excited I get when I realize that I have no idea what comes next, and that I can't really predict my day-to-day life.

I can't believe...that I'd never seen washi tape in person before. I talked about ordering it in my March Shopping List and finally did and it's so cute! (Also, totally didn't remember to do one for the second half of the month...or any for April... Ah well!)

I can't believe...that I'm going to turn 20 in November. Yes, I'm thinking about this just a little early, since this is just barely May, but still. Nobody can dismiss me as a dumb teenager now! (Instead, they'll dismiss me as a dumb twenty-something, but at least it'll have a slightly different sound for me to be vexed by).

I can't believe...that I've never used spotify before. As I'm writing this, I'm listening to things I haven't heard before and it's pretty neat.

I can't believe...that I'm still writing this instead of studying. EEP!

What can't you believe this week?


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    1. I know right!? I want to procrastinate studying to watch it, but nope, I can't. Maybe once I finish my finals...

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  3. ahhh 20, that's so exciting!! it stinks it mingles with studying for finals though- i hope that goes smoothly. and that picture made me laugh- that's about me with any productive thing =P

    xo Marlen
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    1. I'm definitely excited for it to happen! I feel like, at some point, my twitter's just going to turn into an excited countdown! I don't know why, but I feel like 20's going to be an important birthday, like 18 was, not because of legal stuff, but because of actual change and growth, and I'm not sure why it seems like this, but I'm definitely excited for it to happen! I'm glad it's before finals next semester, though... I couldn't handle a birthday that conjuncts with finals... Thank you! Ahh yes, that picture is accurate to life...

  4. Just lovely! =)

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