Tuesday Tunes

Anyone who knows me for more than a day or two tends to wind up knowing that I did not grow up around TV very much - I wasn't allowed to watch TV until I was six, or movies until I was eight, and then only on very rare occasions, and we completely rid ourselves of TV when I was thirteen - so I don't really watch TV shows.  Like.  Ever.  I sometimes see things on tumblr for, say, Elementary or Doctor Who and think 'I should try watching that', but I never do.  Somehow, though, last night I wound up watching the premier of The Bachelorette.  It was pretty much ALL the second-hand embarrassment, naturally, but I think I'll probably be sucked into watching it again with my suitemates next week...  I can't claim that it's relevant to my song choices for today, unfortunately, but I guess it's kind of interesting.

Also, this first song...yeah.  I keep hearing this EVERYWHERE and it's gotten almost permanently stuck in my head.

The second is an old favorite of mine from when I had a very abrupt and very serious country music phase.  Hey, I'm Texan, so at least it's expected.

Any good music you've heard recently?  (Also, should you feel motivated, you should totally suggest recipes for me to attempt cooking in my quest to learn how to cook...  I'll be soliciting y'all a lot for this, just a warning).


  1. I like that Gloriana song. It is a fun song to listen too. I think the last songs I downloaded was Home by Phillip Phillips and the new Pink song.


    1. It's definitely a fun one! It's been a favorite for foreeeever. I'll have to check those out - I think I might be a bad Pink fan for not really paying attention to when she's coming out with new things. (...then again I'm a bad fan in general and never know what's happening, oops...)

  2. Hi dear, thanks for sharing these great tunes, I hadn't heard them both before. I am currently obsessing over MS MR. Have you heard any of their music?

    1. I haven't actually heard any of their music before - I'll have to go try listening to some!

    2. Okay, I just found some of their songs and I'm listening and I think you might've just succeeded in hooking me on them!

  3. You are such an amazing person. I can't describe those feelings, whenn I'm on your blog. But it is absolutely awesome. I just can't get enough of your inspirations. Simply perfect <3



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