Pepperoni Bread

A while ago, I was on a blog where someone had asked for recipes (ps shameless plug you guys should tell me recipes to try making as I try to figure out this cooking thing) and I recommended, as I always do, pepperoni bread, before realizing that a) nobody knows what the hell that is (I'd think it'd be obvious, but maybe that's just because I've grown up with it) and b) I haven't found an actual recipe for it anywhere online.  I've found similar things, yes, but not "my" pepperoni bread.  And so, you're about to read my first recipe on her, and see how messy a cook I am.  These are not perfect.  Or pretty.  Or even done quite the same as I make pepperoni bread at home, since the closest grocery stop is slightly...lacking.

1 Pillsbury bread package-thing (I like French bread loaf, but Crescents, like I use here, works too)
1 package of cheese (sliced is better, shredded is cheaper)
1 package or roll of pepperoni
1 egg
some flour or other thing to keep the bread from sticking
a tray to bake this stuff on
a mug, whisk, and frondy baster-y thingy help too

So, first, heat the oven to 350° and then go on and break your egg into your mug or w/e and mix it.  Coat the pan with whatever "please don't stick to the pan" solution you've got going, roll out your dough, and use that weird little frondy thing to coat the visible part of the dough...

Next up, layer some cheese and pepperoni on all that dough!  If you have a bigger thing of dough, you can do much better layering.  Same thing if you're using sliced cheese.

Then you just roll them up, coat the outsides with more egg, and stick them in the oven for whatever time it says on the package/till they start to look nice and brown.

Truly, beautiful... And then they come out brown and yummy and you let them cool or burn your mouth.  Either way, it's delicious, even if it isn't pretty to make.

(they should look browner than this, but the light in my kitchen is messed up :C )

And the egg isn't really necessary, btw, it's just something that makes it look nice and taste better.  You can also use other meats, or none at all, or just put in whatever the hell you want and I'm pretty sure it'll still work. retrospect this is a really horrible way to try to demonstrate a recipe that my family and I've whittled down to the minimum of effort possible, but oh well.  I don't think anyone really has the time to make dough from scratch most of the time, so...

Hope you like this!  (Also you should definitely give me recipe ideas I need to attempt to learn this whole cooking thing beyond things in boxes and pepperoni bread, please).


  1. i think that must be really good!


  2. certainly looks easy enough to try! thanks for sharing!


  3. looks so delicious, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work :)

  4. I love this recipe---I used to eat pepperoni bagels every day for breakfast until I got sick of them. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you visit again!


    1. Ahh, that sounds good, I might have to try that out. (Because I clearly need more excuses to eat pepperoni...)

  5. My sister Jessica would love these. I will have to tell her to give them a try.


  6. Hi dear, thanks for sharing your fashion verdicts with me. I am vegetarian so i will be trying to make the vegan option of this bread. My motto is as long as it tastes great no one needs to know what flour bomb went off in the kitchen! If you need any dessert recipes, I can help you out, its more my forte ;) Ohhh you listened to MS MR?? Did you know of them before this? Aren't they amazing...and true, very addictive! What songs are your favourite? What ever you do, please please DO NOT watch the Youtube video for Hurricane, its pretty creepy.

  7. So they are like mini pizza pockets...yum! They look so easy to make which is perfect for me since I'm not the biggest cook either lol.

    xo erica

    1. Basically! Or a giant pizza pocket if you use a french bread loaf... Good luck!


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