Tuesday Tunes

Guys, I have a Gatsby problem. (Gatsby, what Gatsby? I'm not obsessed at aaaaall...) Seriously though,  about all I want to do right now is watch the trailers for The Bling Ring and The Great Gatsby and just have fangasms over how cool and exciting everything is. I really like what I'm seeing (and hearing) for these movies. Gatsby fever is probably more intense right now, though... (I know I should be excited for Iron Man III, but considering I was introduced to the whole series by someone who has since decided that our entire friends group isn't even worth the time required to tell us that she doesn't care, I'm kind of feeling a little sour about it right now... I'll recover, but it's definitely not on my priority list right now).

Probably my favorite Gatsby thing out right now (besides those trailers, because damn, those are intense) is the Lana del Rey song. I can't stop listening to it. It's definitely an addiction.

Are you excited for Gatsby too? What are you especially excited to see? (Any tips for dealing with irresolute friendship breakups? Cause I could use those...)


  1. Yes I am very excited for it can't wait. I want to see the fashion and also become more familiar with the story line because it is quite awhile since I read the book. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I can relate to so much of what you said.

    1. I definitely want to see the clothes too! And I'm kind of happy that I'm still pretty familiar with the story line - that's the best thing I get out of having taken a very English class-y SAGES last semester. And ahh, yeah, I feel like most fashion bloggers kind of feel like that for a while...


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