it's not feeling like summer

Cleveland's spent the past three days raining and being cold. Upside - the winter clothes I was about to pack don't have to be packed, thus saving my effort. Downside - it's cold, so I can't run around like an idiot in the rain, because COLD.

The outfits today include one from the week before last. I know, yeah...

That outfit was worn on a day when Cleveland was being so nice to spite all of us who had finals. April 30th. I had an event party thing to go to for some graduating seniors, so I dressed up for it (and I was just happy to be fancy...)

Dress/hairthings/bracelets - F21 | Belt - DEB | Shoes - Payless | Necklace - gifted

A week later, after a lot of stress, I

Shirt/bracelets - F21 | Belt - Papaya | Skirt - TJ Maxx? | Necklace - thrifted

Then, sadness occurred as friends left, I might've had a meltdown, basically ALL THE SADNESS happened in the span of a few short days (I am still dealing with the sadness... Don't go to college only to realize that one of the reasons you've been unhappy all your life is that you're an extrovert who's been trying to force yourself to be an introvert... Well, DO realize it, but realize it before college so you can relearn how to function, don't be me...)

Saturday was crazy busy, and I ran all over the place doing things on errands. (And I watched My Neighbor Totoro!) It was tiring enough that I went to bed at 9PM on Sunday, still tired.

Chambray - JC Penny's | Shirt - found (it's college, don't ask questions) | Skirt/boots - F21 | Socks - Gap

Also, does anyone else ever find themselves rushing to get a post done before work? Or is today just a first-timer's thing for me? At least my work is very close...

How was your past week?


  1. I LOVE your dress with that neon belt! So perfect :)

    1. Thanks! It's definitely one of my favorite things that I've worn recently.


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