I Can't Believe

I can't believe...that after tomorrow, I'll have been working for three weeks.  How did this 'being vaguely adult' thing happen?

I can't believe...that I actually worked out yesterday, and that I'll be working out again tomorrow and again on Saturday (well, maybe on that one, depends on when I get back from grocery shopping and the mall...or I could stick to my schedule and wake up even earlier to do that...bleh).

I can't believe...that my hair's finally long enough to get into a ponytail that'll stay!

I can't believe...that I spent half my lunch break yesterday taking really weird selfies with the vending machines/my Dr. Pepper.  I'm not kidding...

I can't believe...that I've been managing to do this 'regular updating' thing for multiple months now.  And I'm really happy I have been!

What can't you believe right now?


  1. I can't believe it's almost June, this month has flown by and congrats on your job. All of a sudden those 3 months will be 3 years. :)


    1. I know right!? It's been so strange how fast time goes now - it used to be so slow when I was younger, and individual days feel agonizingly long (and too short too, somehow) and then three minutes later it's been a month and two seconds after it's been a year...

  2. I can't believe that 5 months of this year are almost over. Maybe I'm just getting old but this year is flying by.

    Congrats on getting almost 3 weeks of work in.


    1. Time going faster does seem to be what getting older entails most - it's so weird to me how fast everything goes. Thanks!

  3. This is a great post! I can't believe I haven't discovered your blog long before this! We have lots to catch up on! Happy to hear about your job, hope its going well. Im so sorry I forgot to mention anything about the video first, it should have, hope you are not having nightmares now. You've seen creepier? These things should come with a warning signal on Youtube. I have 'Fantasy' pretty much on repeat. If you know of other similar style music bands, please let me know, I think we have the same kinda tastes. I will have to send you my gourmet French loaf sandwich recipe for your lunch-time snack! whats your email?

  4. i can't believe almost half the year is gone already!!! it seems like we just had christmas! soon it'll be time to start shopping for gifts again, lol!!



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