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This past week was, well, crazy. I think I should stop saying that, because it's pretty redundant - I almost always have an insane week. I guess I'm still getting used to the concept that my life now consists of more than sitting around in my room on the internet trying to be quiet and not bother anyone. It's pretty weird the difference going away from everyone and everything you know can make in your life. If only moving up to Ohio could've changed my inability to function in life without injuring myself... The least expected part of my crazy week was falling down the stairs yesterday. It was obviously one of the finer moments of my life... (This post is actually very late almost entirely because I decided to sleep in - a lot - today. But I do feel a lot better, so I think it was worth it).

I went with some of my floormates to visit a Mongolian place tonight, it was a fun conclusion to the school week (before the "how many events can I pack into one day and still have time to breathe?" weekend I've got ahead (which will be fun, because events, and terrifying because one of them involves my job eek!)). The restaurant was good, though the prices were a little ow for my wallet. Still, it was fun, and definitely one of my favorite things this week, along with the following...

A gallery of Kristen Stewart smiling and being adorable is pretty much the best thing. While I hate what she's known for (Twilight ahem), I think she's very adorable and very interesting - and definitely possessed of more than one facial expression.


Skyrim started me on liking malachite, and this kind of did it for me. Too. Pretty.

Already ranted about this here, but Debenhams, guys.

Sometimes life just sucks, and the past two weeks have tilted more to the sucky side. I've kind of decided that my room next year is going to have a bunch of things around it to remind me I just have to keep dealing when it gets like this. I know it on a personal level, but it's nice to have something agreeing with you!

According to a recent study, bras could be bad for you.
As my seventh grade self (the age when I finally gave in to the pressure to wear a bra) and my current self can both attest to, I only had ribcage and back pains when I wore bras as a kid, despite my very abrupt B-cup at the age of eight. Maybe it would've been different if they'd immediately been the size they are now, but I know that I never had problems not wearing bras. They sagged a little, but they never hurt. I'm not a scientist or really knowledgeable about how anatomy functions, but I definitely would love to go back to not bothering with a bra and not feeling ribcage/back pains.

What were your favorites for the week, and what do you think of the whole bra situation?

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